Appwiz payments will be reduced sharply from 22 Nov!

This is the mail I got from Anni from Appwiz :

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the new guidelines and pricing structure that is effective November 22nd. This table reflects the evolution of our offering, as we add additional revenue share monetization channels while continuing our PPD model – thus providing a 360° solution for you as you strive to maximize the revenue generated by your apps.

Important note: We will be evaluating your account on an application-by-application basis, reviewing the implementation carefully and working closely with you to ensure that we both can maximize the potential of your apps. Thus, the above new payment structure will be implemented on each of your applications.

We provide you with two monetization options:

  • Search Monetization and In-App Advertising: $0.02 PPD for US traffic, $0.002 PPD for ROW, revenue share on the In-app ads, and monthly promotions (TBA).
  • Search Monetization (PPD only): $0.01 PPD for US traffic, $0.001 PPD for ROW.

The cut is from $0.075 to $0.02 (USA payment per download), and $0.005 to $0.002 (rest of world), cut that in half if you wont use their in app ads. As you can see this is a very significant cut and if you use Appwiz you should now think twice about still using this.

Edit. found out about other thread just now because title didn’t mention Appwiz. My bad.

Just like StartApp.

You guys should study history… and what happened to the PC gaming industry in the 80’s. It went from thousands of studios trying to produce games to a few big ones. The good studios got absorbed. The others closed shop.

I predict something similar will happen with advertising and apps.

  1. Large brands will only work with limited advertising companies
  2. Those companies will work out sweetheart deals with some studios where they share the profit
  3. Everyone else will get screwed with $0.02 per install or less.

He who holds the money wins. And the advert companies will hold all the money and determine which companies get the traffic and at what price…

IMO, even worse than StartApp factoring in the higher decline rate from my tests.

Yes . I think thats true and also google will continue to ban apps and accounts whenever they want

I told you about Appwiz long time ago.

I found the full story here: Beware of these ad networks: #2. AppWiz - Advertising Networks - Invision Power Board