Appwiz payment

hey amalvj123,
what is the charge for wire transfer and which bank are u using. i am also an indian . is it less than paypal 4.9% fee + 3.5 % conversion fee

have anyone Appwiz supporter skype?

I contacted the support and they said its public holiday till monday…

I dont know the charge man, if there is any…There is always a conversion fee…like 40ps cut form the current dollar value…but i dont care
my bank is SBI…

by charge i mean did u get the same dollar as your appwiz dashboard shows. for ex:- if appwiz shows 354$ and after wire to your account u get 349$ converted to rupee ,so there is 5$ charge . just check it

don’t use appwiz ,until now they didn’t pay my last Earnings after suddenly stop My PPD model because they didn’t like my traffic sources

What do you mean last earnings? From August? They paid mine and my brother´s earnings earlier then expected!

They haven’t missed a payment with me either. There has been hiccups with amounts, but they’ve always sorted it out with me!