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Appwiz payment

Did anyone received payment from Appwiz. Implemented in one my app, getting good numbers till now. Planning to implement on rest of the apps along with startApp.

i got an email from them saying that they will start paying 0.005$ for non usa install, that really sucks, all my traffic is non usa
i didnt got payment yet

i got my payment today by wire from appwiz

Got paid by AppWiz via Paypal, although I had to pay a 4.9% recipient fee… Their support are currently sorting that out though!

Did you received less 16% then what is shown on dashboard on paypal then plus 4.9% fee from paypal? This is what happened to me :frowning:

Even worse my brother got 30% cut compared to what the dashboard says plus the 4.9% fee!! He has most US traffic on his apps, i am starting to think they paid july earnings with yesterdays rate change

Edit: Their support are sorting what happened

I am in the same situation. Got paid 19% less on Paypal in comparision to the ammount on the dashboard, and then a 5% fee.

Yes I am missing 10% also, but I didn’t mention it since their Support said they would take care of it. That’s weird that at least 3 of us had chunks missing.

They also told me I am the only one who’s had a “recipient fee” of 4.9% and that no one else has reported that before. Hmmm.

I’m obviously not the only one lol.

Let’s hope it’s all sorted out as their support are very helpful and their system does work well!

I’ve just sent an email to my account manager reporting it, so it may be normal that they had no knowledge of that fee.

Let’s hope they fix it, at least their support staff seems to be very helpful.

I didn’t get paid yet…:frowning:
Wire transfer to India…

got paid as well on paypal, but why should they pay the fee actually?

Received my payment just now…Thanks
They proved to be one of the top paying ad-network…nice work !

There shouldn’t be a fee at all.

Ok ?

What ?..

anyone got the paypal fees paid for?

Just when I started lol. Good job Google.

Did anyone receive this month’s payment??

Yeah I got mine on 15th

yeah, i also got mine on 15th.

I havn’t received my payment…I had received it on 18th last month…