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Appwiz not updating

Seems like appwiz has not updated for around 12 hours now? This happening for anyone else?

no mine is updating properly.UPDATE :- mine also not updating.annie please shed some light on this

All good here. Add them on Skype - they often reply quickly with me!

I’m trying to add anni on skype, I think they are probably off work over in Israel right now.

I noticed that they recently added a category field after I had initially uploaded my apps so all my apps have blank category. I’m fixing it now, hopefully this is the reason? I also have some apps on appwiz that I haven’t uploaded to the store yet, could this have raised a flag?

Just hoping I don’t get kicked off for having the wrong customer base… I remember reading someone say they were banned for having downloads from the wrong countries.

THey are scam

dont use appwiz

Hey Everybody,

We are working on it, it should go back to normal soon…

Will update more soon


It seems to be working now but , what about the missing install count from yesterday till now ?

until now i didn’t get any answer from your company appwiz about my stolen money

me tooo , when you send my payment?

Hello Everybody,

During the course of a few hours, we had a technical issue which affected the system. The issue has since been resolved and all is back to normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and assure you we are doing all to avoid such issues in the future.

Let me know if you need anything else…


Still not updating for me since around 30+ hours ago?

yaa, what about the downloads that we lost during that period ???. i lost around 500 downloads, so what about that and also i sent u request on skype why didn’t u add me???

Will be back at the office tomorrow and approve all Skype requests…


but what the downloads that we lost during that period and also last month also i also lost download on 1 day approx 1000 download what about that please reply not ignore the question

and when your company appwiz , solve stolen money from developer issue

Now its starting to show downloads again but no revenue… so strange.

I’ve lost 500-1000 installs too during the last night.

A1ka1inE can u please ask them about downloads lost , as they seem to be answering you well

I don’t understand why you are using an ad network which is not working for you. Simply ignore it unless you have some money stuck with them.

do u have better suggestion for ppd ad network