APPWIZ not make payment

after appwiz suddenly stop My PPD model because they didn’t like my traffic sources ,until now they didn’t pay my last Earnings ,anyone face the same problem

This again? I thought Appwiz had stopped kicking devs out due to traffic sources when they made their latest announcement, where they decreased payments for rest-of-world users.

@Appwiz Please start being straightforward with your users. Either let them know the percentage of US users needed to maintain PPD, or adjust the payment rates in a way that you can remain profitable with PPD, regardless of traffic sources. The whole “let devs use SDK for weeks then not pay” scene is not going to work long-term, as more and more devs will get the impression that you’re a scam network.

This is why (besides the question of policy compliance) I chose not to use them.

I believe it’s minimum 10% from US.

Contact Anni for more info :slight_smile:

Yes, we had a really frustrating experience with AppWiz as well. Their support is in invisible mode in Skype, they receive messages but don’t reply them as soon as you talk about payments.

They kick developers because they just don’t like their demographics and do not pay them.

I would definitely not recommend anyone working with this networks unless you want to risk your 45-days earnings.

Look could you please stop spamming every thread about AppWiz not paying you the last month earnings? I know they aren´t handling some things the best way, but its the first time i heard someone saying they didn´t get paid last months earnings. Me and my brother got paid earlier then expected in 13 September, so what was their explanation to not pay your August earnings?

Don’t try Appwiz anymore, they are scammer, all developer should be vigilant against company like this.

They’ve paid me every time so far. If you haven’t been paid then you should get onto them about it. I’ve had payment issues with them since using them, but they always sorted it out.

Hey ProfessorDD, I’ve sent you a personal message

I wouldn’t be so judgmental there man…He has every reason to be upset.
This month I received their payment on 25th(yesterday) and what I received was only 60% of my actual earning(Can you f**king believe it!!).My dashboard showed $3.1k but i received only 1.9k…
When I contacted them they said its because of my traffic(95% India),and this is all they can pay me…
This is understandable,because of the economic crisis in most of the Asian countries right now BUT I still don’t think this is the right way of doing this…

What they should have done is, choose a PPD amount they are comfortable with(i see they have learned this now) or make accurate descriptions regarding required traffic quality before hand…

But I still think that’s a decent network with a decent support but needs some better guys to make finance related decisions…

Appwiz stopped my payment for non US downloads, and in the dashboard now I can read that they paid me some money but in my PayPal account there’s nothing… Do anyone know something? I wrote to support but I don’t trust anymore, so I think they will not reply me

They said me they wont pay non US downloads after they send mail . This is 15 Sept for me and i dont know what is for you but i am not sure they will remember that .

this is not spamming ,this is a warning for any one using appwiz ,until now i didn’t receive my last Earnings which must send in 15 Sept

They dont pay me again , I think appwiz is a liar.