Appwiz New PPD rates Starting Oct 1st 2013

Hello Everybody,

Just wanted to let you guys know we will be updating our console with the new and attractive PPD rates starting Oct 1st.
All of you already know that Appwiz are growing by the day in terms of PPD and in App advertising. To make sure you guys will always enjoy an exclusive PPD rates alongside in App revenues, we have new rates for US and non US traffic and a nice set of monetization tools.

This is the right time for new Members to sign up and join Appwiz -
If you are already a member- this is the time to add more of your apps so we can help you monetize the Appwiz way to increase in App revenues significantly.

You can e mail us at anytime- [email protected] to learn more.

If you would like to know more about this offer pls contact us directly via e mail / Skype



i want to ask a question

Why PPD type only count when i use 360 SDK (all of type)??

You tell us there’s new rates but what are the new rates? Is the new rates higher or lower than the current rates? I’m thinking of trying appwiz with my apps with high US traffic since i heard you dont do well with other traffics

they sent mail to me:
I was monitoring your account and I can see that traffic sources are great, lots of US traffic which is good , but , you in App is not working correctly, you must fix in App ads implementation, cas we will not be able to pay for PPD unless in App ads are working correctly!
what does this mean? i think i need only show dialog and get money when user click accept
haizz, now they said cas we will not be able to pay for PPD unless in App ads are working correctly!

That means you have to implement the ads in the exact way they explained on page 10 of the implementation guide.