Appwiz is a robber

Appwiz is a robber, my app link becomed failure which because of google policy changed, and they used this as an excuse to refuse to pay the September revenue. And there is no room for discussion and interpretation, direct say stop cooperation. We must recognize their true colors, they ignore the developer interest in this approach is really despised.

I encountered 2 times,too,I cann’t get my pay up to now.I wan’t use this platform any more

also they didn’t pay my last revenue until now

why. How can they do that. If they don’t want to coorperate wth you any more, I think they must pay the money you earn. So unfair.

Really? I recently tried to use appwiz, if they are really so, then later have to be used with caution, and you have any other good advertising platform you recommend?

yes they doesn’t want to pay me a single cent.

They never paid me…

@A1ka1inE can probably help you guys. He told me that he is using appwiz for PPD.

Well I’ve said many times now that I have been paid by AppWiz and so have others here. If you haven’t been paid then I would get onto their support straight away or add them on skype.
They are always eager to help in my experience!

I have also problem with appwiz. I have implemented everything according to their tutorial. Today they told me that I have to fix in app ads implementation and that they not gonna pay me for september.

I had implemented a lot of ads networks in all my apps and it is first time that I have such a situation.

So think twice before implementing appwiz. I’m going to try another ads network.

I earned $140 in August but Appwiz only paid me $95. I sent mail to Anni but he didn’t reply.

yeah, use other network

Hello you all,

Let me make one thing clear here:

I understand your frustration, but please keep in mind that in order for us to be able to work with a developer, we need to ensure that it is beneficial for both sides. The quality of your traffic, in terms of the territories from which your downloads are focused, does not enable us to provide you with the PPD deal as discussed.

Hany- You always say here to say that we didn’t pay you but as for what I told you on e mail- I am not the one doing the payment- if you didn’t got your Aug earning yet, I will look in to it and if this correct you will get paid per our last notice regarding traffic.

Chairs- I think I know who you are according to our talk today on Skype- and yes, you have told me that you have short life Apps and Appwiz are not willing to take part with developers who are getting many accounts on GP and run for few days and get ban cas of many non good reasons. Sep payment on top of your not good behavior we paid in full! 2 weeks ago we gave you clear instructions of how you can keep working with Appwiz on our terms and you didn’t do you part of the deal.
So, you can say we are not here to work with you, but you didn’t tell your friends here why your apps are alive for 2-3 days and then Google close all of your account…

to all of you New and Veterans members:
If your traffic is legit, if you are fully integrate with Appwiz SDK 1.5 and in App Ads you are on the right track to both increase in App revenues and to get paid in full as we do so every month since we started!

If you guys make money , so do we! this is a two way street.

If you have any questions you can e mail me directly at: [email protected]


I believe you just looking for an excuse, everyone knows their application if the market performed well in google it certainly will certainly be included in third-party sites, so there is traffic coming also normal.

In addition, I believe that I am not only a developer does not receive their income, and I just want more developers to know the truth.

That paragraph highlights that you don’t understand the source of the problem, at all.

Let me make it clear that every developer expects you to be able to make profit, if they want to keep working with you. So if you’re unable to properly monetize certain traffic sources and can’t pay us for them, everyone understands, even though many of us might not like it.

However, what we DON’T understand is that you’ll take all the installs we give you, and then give us back nothing for it. This is what scammers do. So if you want developers to be on your side, you have to give us ALL the information necessary for us to know whether or not we fit into your network’s terms, BEFORE we start using your SDK, not after a payment is due. Add more different regions to your PPD model (some with 0$ revenue if necessary), state a minimum % of users by region, and/or make it abundantly clear that the homepage ad DOES NOT generate any revenue by itself, as PPD payments only apply for the FULL integration of the SDK, which includes both homepage and in-app.

Once you solve the gross communication problems and start being straightforward with developers, you’ll stop the torrent of complaints dead in its tracks.

Lockdown and All,

All of our live developers know the guidelines:
To say it loud and clear:

For you to be eligible for PPD payment you must FULLY integrate with Appwiz SDK 1.5.0- both in App and Homepage.
Ads implementation must be according to the guidelines we provide on our Best Practice Page (#10 on PDF)- we do test each app for implementation process, if it not correct we contact the developers asking him to re-implement, this is the best optimization tool we have, Best Practice page help developer to integrate the right way that will help users to click and convert this way helps directly to increase in App revenues significantly.

Regarding Traffic Quality:
We do welcome each and everyone of you guys, note that we are reviewing all account and traffic sources, and No, we do not want you guys to send all your installs for it to go to waste, and once we see some behavior that is not good on both side, and that deal will not benefits on both side, we offer a package deal that will fit the developers traffic behavior.

At the end , we will not pay per installs if we cannot monetize both ways.

So, if you are part of Appwiz and would like to make money, pls follow our instructions, Best Practice Page and make sure you are up do date with SDK 1.5.0 .

Regarding Payments:
We are always paying and always on time!

Again, if you would like to learn more pls e mail me at [email protected]


And why is that package deal not publicly known? It would make a lot more sense to offer that as the baseline, then upgrade users to the better rates if their traffic sources match what you need. (like Pingjam does, see example here) That way your devs know the base minimum they’re going to get from the start, so no one ends up feeling scammed, and some of your devs get to receive good news if their sources allow. Everyone stays happy, yes?

Appwiz, I am afraid that your statements are ambiguous and kind of warn new publishers wanting to integrate appwiz sdk. Being a company rep, you should rather make developers feel comfortable with your words and that too on a forum for devs and ad networks



This is the Welcome e mail each developer gets once we approved his account, it tells you all about how Appwiz is working and what you have to do, step by step:

Welcome to Appwiz!

I have approved your account and in order to get going please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Appwiz account and add all your live apps to the Developer Dashboard.
  2. Download the SDK and PDF and follow the easy SDK ( v 1.5) integration process, three point to remember:
    • Integrate BOTH the Search monetization and the Display Monetization to be eligible for the PPD revenue.
    • Add Disclaimer Text to the Description of your Apps on Google Play.
    • Read the Best Practices Section in the PDF (page #10) to optimize your revenues.
  3. Upload the App to Google Play (or other distribution channel) and start making money!
  4. Please keep in mind that in order for us to be able to analyse and help optimize the results, we must have the name and link of your App, whether in Google Play, or in any other store. This is a MUST in order for us to be able to work together, and for you to receive payments for your activity.

As always, I am available on Skype or via e mail to assist you with integration process.

So, pls read the e mails you are getting from us , it is important :slight_smile:

Good Night


In my humble opinion, you have just violated one of the major terms of ad networks - privacy, and have disclosed a lot of information about one of the member of this forum, that you obviously have not got a permission for.
That looks really unprofessional for me.

Be ready that your e-mails to developers will be quoted because you are a public person and a representative of an ad network. And be prepared to never disclose any information of your clients unless you are told or required to.
Like other respectable ad networks’ representatives here do.