appwiz is a lie

[ Redacted private conversation between Sean Luther and Anni Appwiz. ]

Actually 200 downloads per day is a shitty traffic.

Are you stupid? Publish private chat is illegal and stupid. In this chat you are very rude, offensive and claim on. You are developer with 200 installs/day, probably some big % is from shitty country, not integrated in all apps and trying to get something from support? Shitty traffic, shitty revenue. Not important if you are coming to airpush or another network, still shitty traffic.

0-300 installs dev, just delete accs on forum :expressionless: You are mostly earning <20$ or <10$ day and trying to talk about ad network and rate it? :expressionless: Pathetic!

and last information, hahaha : you want $500 for good review appwiz from support? To earn $500 I need 500k - 1kk impressions, your 200 installs will make it in next 10 years when nobody uninstall

For information: I have 40-80k intalls/day and what? $500-$2000/day and you want $500 :smiley: lol

This the not a real company. Just so everyone knows. Lets recognize the accounts they have made here… This i worse than mobario.

publishing my chat is my right as an american…

Appwiz Development Ltd. | LinkedIn

yes, Ltd. company isn’t real, you are pathetic

what? Either the forum owners are appwiz or appwiz should no longer be an official rep…

Hah, I am not forum owner. Just told you information about Ltd. it’s real company. Idiot…

Is this whole forum a gimmick?

Ask your mum

I will not loose my time any more to explain you your problem, shitty traffic. This is my last post here.

@fourtwozero, can you share your app stats (daily geo wise installs, uninstalls and current total installs for all of your apps comulative). Let me try help you.

What a waste of fucking time. I guess its my fault. celeb fan apps. gogogo people

bump. appwiz is a scam with mutliple accounts and people behind it. Keep posting and bumping please. Do not believe anyone who posts on appwiz behalf. it is a lie. Forum owners - look into it please

fourtwozero you’re a moron. Plain and simple.

You’re acting like an idiot

@fourtwozero, can you share your app stats (daily geo wise installs, uninstalls and current total installs for all of your apps comulative). Let me try help you.

Since the thread has completely derailed already, what is the usual ratio between current installs & total installs ? My first app has a 2/3 ratio (but a small number of downloads anyway :p).

I have redacted the private conversation from the original post. Anni has told me she did not consent to the this conversation being shared publicly, and would like it to remain private.

For future reference: if you’d like to share a conversation publicly - especially a realtime conversation on Skype or phone - please ask the other person’s permission first. Make it clear that they have a chance to speak on the record, and you’d like to share their conversation in public. This is just basic politeness, and lets them know where you stand.

Of course, if you have a general question which might be of benefit to others, you can always post a thread here too. I’m sure @Appwiz would be happy to answer your queries (as would any official rep on the forums).

A decent quality(4-4.5/5) app has around 1/2 ratio after 10000+ downloads

I wish. :stuck_out_tongue: One of my newest apps has recently hit 10k with an average rating of 4.55, and it has about 1/5 retention.

Then again, my apps aren’t really specifically tailored for long-term use, so I suppose I reap what I sow. :wink:

AppWiz Stopped paying PPD to my friend. Anni gave the reason that the traffic is not good. He was geeting $10 per 1000 install that means he had enough US installs.

AppWiz is keeping the Display Monetization Only for his account BUT ecpm of Display monetization sucks…below are the details of the day he got banned from PPD(Search Monetization):

Impressions 8,615
Clicks 409
Earnings 0.41$


AppWiz is scam. They find different ways to tell you that you will not be eligible for payment.

They offer ppd at low rate without in-app ads and after a month they tell you you are not eligible for payment because you didn’t put in-app ads. lolzz. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

They think they are trustable like Google or StartApp but they don’t even pay to most of developers.

One more thing. In there payment dashboard there is a status names “Failed” for payment. Ooh my God this status means go f**ck yourself we are not going to pay you. :smiley:

AppWiz stop F**cking developers.