AppTurbo - experiences? I got FREE promotion offer from them

Recently I got some mail from, they said they will promote my app for free as “App of the day”. What is even more strange, they don’t want from me to integrate any API into my app, or anything else - just to allow some PROMO code functionality. And my questions are:

  1. do you have some experiences with this?
  2. do you think it’s serious website, or it is some fraud?
  3. doesn’t it break google’s policy, if I include into my app some textfield like "“Type Promo code here to unlock paid features”? (I think no, but I am not sure)

Nobody? :slight_smile:

My game ‘Scribble Racer’ was promoted March 8th by AppTurbo.
To answer your question:
1.) it’s great, I had 90,000 downloads on that day (usuallay I have 150 - 200 a day)
2.) serious
3.) Why should it be forbidden to implement promo codes? But I don’t know.

I wrote a blog posting about my experience with ‘App of the Day’ here:
AppTurbo: A big day for Scribble Racer | Wolfgang Knecht

Hi, yes I know now…But if I can ask - I assume download went quickly down from 90 000 per day. But where they are now, after 20 days (your app was promoted 8th march)? Are they better or equal to numbers before to promotion?


the promotion was on the 8th march, yes.

The days after the promtion I had about 2500 - 3500 downloads per day till march 16th. That was while people could still see my game in the AppTurbo app (users can see the apps of the last 7 days).

Now, after I finally dropped out of the ‘App of the Day’, downloads dropped down to about 300 downloads/day (150-200 before the promotion).
There are still about 3000 active users/day. Before the promotion there where about 500 active users/day.

To conclude: the week directly after the promotion was quite good, now it’s a little bit better than before.

Quite interesting results, thanks for sharing!

Did you track the installs with Analytics and were you able to differentiate between organic Play Store installs and promoted installs?

Because to me it looks (after checking AppAnnie) as if you were getting the 2.5k+ installs per day from organic Google Play users.
In Germany alone you ranked place 37 in “Games Top Free” and 11 in “Arcade & Action Top Free” (Page 2 on an average Smart Phone Screen) which by itself can easily justify 1000 installs per day because it’s one of the more competitive categories in a high-tier country.

On March 16th your rankings started to drop massively and if this had been the cause of missing “Promoted Installs”, the drop should have been postponed by 2-3 days and not happened until March 18th-19th due to the delay in Google’s ranking system.


Unfortunately I did not track install sources.

Hi, my report:

  1. first day of promotion I had 54 000 downloads, which boosted im into top20 in my category in many countries
  2. unfortunately, after 3 days (!!!) I was back on same download numbers as before promotion…I do not understand why - probably because of bad ratings explained in point below
  3. my rating extremely dropped - in similar way as Wolfgang mentioned, from 4.2 to 4.0 and still going down (average rating for past week is like 3.6 or so). It is not because my app is bad, it is mostly because stupid and I would say totally idiotic users - for example I have about 20 bad ratings per day which are writing like “promo code is not working asshole” but promotion day was week ago, not today.They are constantly pushing my ratings down, it is just not fair…Worst is that whatever I do, even when I politely notify them they they are wrong as promo day was long time ago but I can offer them another promo code to change their ratings - they won’t do it. Idiots, absolute idiots, jesus I really hate such idiotic people :frowning: Their stupidity and idiotic reviews/ratings are ruining my excellent app, on which I was working really hard…

Welcome to the world of average android users - what you just explained happens to developers all over the world each day.
It’s really annoying and similar things happened to us multiple times with different apps before.

Once you get out of your niche audience and start attracting main stream traffic, ratings always go down.

Welcome To Appturbo - where is the price list? i contacted them a few days ago - no answer yet

Did they contact you by themselves?
I mean how did they pick your game?

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No, they pick my app. If you wrote them, and they didn’t answer, it can be because they have too many mails from developers and they didn;t consider your app as good…

Btw, logic of “google play ratings versus downloads” are bigger and bigger mystery for me. I will share some real word data:

Rating in my category (productivity) before promotion (app annie):
top 10 (0 countries)
top 100 (1-2 countries)
top 500 (35-40 countries)

Downloads per day before promotion: ~ 900 - 1100

Rating in my category (productivity) after promotion (app annie):
top 10 (5 countries including big ones like Germany, Italy etc.)
top 100 (15 countries)
top 500 (40-45 countries)

Downloads per day after promotion: ~ 1000 - 1100

Is it only me who doesn’t see anything logical here? :smiley: How it is possible that such enormous boost in ratings (and not in marginal countries, but in many big, western europe countries) doesn’t make absolutely no difference in downloads numbers?

I got a mail from them today[yet again, 3rd time now WTF], I ignored it previously :stuck_out_tongue:
How does it work?
The options that they have given says that I can implement promo code to unblock paid features, may be they didn’t notice that my game is absolutely completely free versions with all features unlocked just with ads [IT IS NOT PAID].

Wolfgang, I see this message instead of your apps - “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”
Google banned you for some reason?

Links with account names aren’t persistent if you change it, his apps are still fine and can be found here:

Thanks for pointing out that there was a problem with my link! I updated the link now.

Ok, few weeks ago my app was also promoted in other similar service, I got once again many downloads (not 55 000 like 1st case, but now 25 000) but same result - I got enormously high in rankings, in some countries into top10, in other into top 50, and result was - 0 (zero) increase in organic downloads. Just 1-2 days after promotion my download numbers were exactly same as before. I really do not understand google’s algorithm… And most of users which installed my app in promotion day didn’t uninstall it what is very good sign, but still didn’t help. Can anybody understand this? How to get real organic increase in downloads, when 25-55 thousands installs didn’t help? It is impossible or what?

Can you tell me about their price list? I receive their email too. You can PM me.