Appslib dilema

Hi everybody!

I am completely newbie to Android markets so here’s my problem: I’ve published my very first app on Appslib market 4 days ago and still no visit on it. Is it normal that nobody comes to see new app?

here’s the link:

Maybe I did something wrong?



That’s pretty common for a third-party app store. When I first published an app on the Amazon Appstore it took days before I got a single download.

Have you tried uploading to the Android Market? Generally you’ll get a lot more downloads from there, since it’s the official Google marketplace.

I think I go back to Android Market… seems the $25 price is necessary to get started with Android :slight_smile: Thanks for help!

You’re welcome. I’d recommend the Android Market for anyone starting out - the $25 is well worth it, as you’re not going to get that distribution anywhere else.

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