Apps without google play, make 0.03 ecpm?

Hi, I’ve tried 3 ad networks(startapp, chartboost, appnext) and everyone gave me 0.03->0.07 ecpm… I don’t think this is normal…
I have 2Mil monthly impressions, and my app isn’t on google play. Is that the problem?

Which countries you have traffic from ?

Geos are definitely important.

Why not try mediating some networks to maximize your potential for earning?

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My traffic is from brazil, but i have apps on google play that has 2$ -> 5$ rpm

i have a ton of apps on 3rd party stores and ecpm isn’t that bad …usually it’s around 0.50-$1 depending on the country

All those networks suck anyways, appnext will ban you once you start sending volume and give you 0 reason for it. (just search the forums this has happen to a lot of people)

Startapp is straight up a scam, they charge advertisers big $$ for clicks then give the developer nothing in return.

and ive read chart boost bans people also for no reason.

there are tons of other networks out there, try them instead

Do you have any network suggestion?

You should give us a try. You could have easily earned over $1,000 on those 2M imps with us. Tapcore platform to monetize pirated installs

Try appodeal.

He said it is apps without Google Play. Appodeal is not OK.

Which app store do you use for publishing? Can you please share
If you have more than 10K impressions daily for a single app you can use adincube it seems good.

Hi @Nunovsc
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Why do you say that?

your app must be in google store for appodeal.