apps with old version of openssl library - must I update?

I received an email from Google telling me that some of my games are using a buggy version of oppenssl library and that I should update them.

As I neither use it directly nor send any sensitive data from users I asked Google if I could just unpublish them (they have a very low number of downloads and active users so it wouldn’t justify the times and effort spent updating them).

As usual the Google answer seems an automatic response that don’t explain anything.

I unpublished them but I am worried if I can be banned by Google.

What do you think? Any of you have any experience with a similar situation?

Note: I believe the oppenssl library is been used by the ad library used to provide ads.

You should know that the suspension process is automated.
They have their lovely bot that suspends everything he doesn’t like.

So even it is unpublished, when the mighty hammer comes it will hit you hard.
I would take an extra time to update those games to make sure nothing is wrong rather than just hope everything will be fine.

PS : Even if you get an answer from a Google representative that everything is fine, don’t trust them.
The only thing you are dealing with everyday is the BOTS.

So please the bots and do what they say.


I will follow your advice.