App's visibility nerfed by Google Play

This weekend I launched a new app and started promoting the app.
After 3 days the app’s rank for it’s title jumped from 27 to 3, and of course I was happy to see it. Though the title is not a high search keyword, but I was getting enough organic installs.
And suddenly yesterday when I searched for the app’s title, it does not show at all, the app is still published, no warnings and it’s showing for other keywords but not for the title and neither on its category top free.
My description is not spammy, no words were repeated more than 2 times.
The average rate is 4.9, and the number of ratings is between 8% and 9% the number of installs, I did not used a single review exchange, those are all legit ratings and reviews.
I don’t understand what happened, did this happened to any of you?

this kind of stuff happens all the time, especially with newly release titles. sometimes it takes upto 2 months for rankings to settle and start gradually climbing. just focus on ratings, and improving your game, the rest will come naturally :slight_smile: good luck!

I contacted the support and they told me it was something related to the store graphics and content rating.
I changed some graphics and we will see if they will restore my app’s visibility.