Apps dev

Hi guys,

I’m interested in learning development for apps.
But i need your help as ut seems to be a huge load of work to learn from scratch.
What would be your advise as a beginning point and ongoing path to the goal.
My target would be to be able to dev for android and ios, so where i might start my long journey??

Thanks for help!

Do i have to start from java or another language(more simple) that will help me better in my daily tasks and learning?

As app developer you have two tasks: 1) being able to program, 2) dealing with the Android or IOS SDK. (Platform to develop the apps). Both are complicated. The best thing to do is to start learning Java, or even PHP or Javascript and try some simple programming tasks, with the help of a book or tutorial.

A) have you done any programming at all?
B) depends on your answer to A

Ok well thank you guys
The only base i have is regarding a little bit of Visual basic.

Ok php javascript or java.
I will try to find the best introduction for a good start.
In which order would you do it?

If you’ve done some vb, try AGK2 (app game kit) - it’s basic based (and c if you want), and has lots of examples … and the documentation is online.

I checked out the App Game Kit. Seems nice but the disadvantage is that the user should run the game in a special downloaded environment, so its not standalone on a mobile device. Hardly anybody will take the trouble to setup another app first to be able to run a second app. Its nice for experimentation, but not for real development.

“Other devices like an iPhone or tablets can also pick up and run the game once the compilation is completed. Any devices that you want to do this will need to be running the “AppGameKit Player” App. This app is available from each appropriate app store as a free download.”

If you need more programming skills, starting with Java is best. PHP is slightly less complex and more direct, good for learning purposes. I used some books that I worked halfway through. Just spend enough energy and time until you have the feeling you can move to the next level.

Not so! All my apps have been developed in AGK2, and they are all stand alone. It cross compiles for Android and iOS. So far they have all run on all android devices. I’m not interested in iOS. You can run and test your software on the PC, then generate an APK file for distribution.

Thanks for correcting me.

With absolutely no basics i will start with AGK2 app gamekit, php (maybe a little bit javascript which seems to be more simple) an then java.
I know it’s short to write but will be long to do…

I think you have to learn with PHP bcoz its base of any programming languages.

It’s at times like this I feel sooooo old! I used to have to program in Machine Language 8080 and z80. I still worry about how many clock ticks an instruction may take. To me, PHP is a very high level language.

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PHP is sloppy with cpu and memory, both an advantage and a disadvantage. In combination with a wamp installation on PC or Mac its easy and direct in use (no compiling, no variable declaration etc) and it is at this moment the most popular programming language of the world (correct me if I’m wrong). So learning a bit PHP is never a waste of time. Python is a good choice either as starting to learn programming. In ten years time the landscape will have shifted again.

True, you have to change with the times - I started programming using Machine Language (on little computers) and Cobol on the big boys! Since then I’ve had to learn many languages based on Basic, C etc., but if you know what the end result is to be, the language is defined by the best for the job on the platform(s) - Syntax is a different way of achieving the same task.