[apps] awesome christmas apps

Hello there! Happy Christmas to ya’ll!
I would like to present you Christmas apps designed by Leviteo, a Polish based Internet Software House. They all are designed to make your Christmas more fun and entertaining :slight_smile:

1. Snowman Tower - snowball game
Build your very own virtual snowman!
How big snowman can you build? To celebrate Google Play’s winter sales, enjoy a special Holiday game! Compete with your friends to see who is the best Christmas tower builder! Post your score on Facebook, use it as unusual Christmas wishes :slight_smile: Sounds cool ? Try it yourself!



2. Gingerbread Jigsaw Puzzle
Do you love Gingy from Shrek? Now you can have your own Ginger man!
Help this poor, crushed Ginger Man get whole again!
Download the best puzzle game for Christmas time.
Gingerbread man needs you help ! Put his puzzled parts together , add nice decorations and enjoy most beautiful , most original jigsaw puz
zle Christmas game ever made!



3. Shake The Nosy Little Man
Shake The Nosy Little Man - Jingle Bell!
Oopps! What’s that? This nosy little Man got stuck in a bell and can’t get out! Shake him to hear some jingle bells!

4. Fireworks Show - Happy 2014
Real New Year Fireworks Show HD - professional & safe lights show in your home!
You can now enjoy a fun and safe Fireworks Show at Home!
ENJOY THE SHOW and have a Happy New Year 2014!
If you: ** Always loved fireworks but you will miss them this year, ** Always wanted to be that guy who fires them but you just love your fingers too much, ** Want to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with these uncanny and safe Firework Show ** Shine among friends
Take your safe firework show anywhere you go! What would New Year’s Eve be without stunning Firework show!


ENJOY and have a Happy New Year 2014!

That’s all folks! We wish you a very happy happy Christmas with loads of fun and love and plenty of mobile presents !