Apps about cannabis

What’s a good app to track cannabis?

have you found an app?

I am using cannabis inventory management for my store. I suggest using it if you also have a weed shop. It helped me see my business differently by better tracking the stuff I am selling. It permits me to track the weed from seed to sale to offer the best quality for my consumers. I like that it works with only products I hold in my hand. It works directly with all the operations and automatically updates data so that I don’t have to do it manually every time, which is a great advantage and helps to save time.

In my opinion, Weedmaps is the most popular one.

Thx for sharing. The guide is really good for the newbies to understand the process of growing, and it’s not really difficult. BUT, if don’t have a license for growing weed you will have problems, so going outside may be dangerous. Don’t even mention that in some states marijuana is still illegal. So, before growing anything you should clarify the laws and be sure that you have a license for growing. Well, I thought about starting a weed farm, but don’t have time for it, and getting a cannabis subscription box seems to be a better option now. But maybe when I will have money and time…why not then?

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