Appoodeal. Do you recommend it?

I just created an account at Appodeal and was very impressed with their dashboard and connectivity with AdMob. In that sense, one of the best I’ve seen.

But, we are really interested in high fill rates and high eCPM.

So, how is Appodeal working for you?

I am considering adding it to Unity3d games Puzzle, Android native game Education and iOS Education Game.

Is there any category that Appodeal performs best?

Would you kindly let me know what is your app category how much you make per day or eCPM?


I am also going to integrate Appodeal into my game. From what I heard they are good because they offer all sorts of ad formarts. There were a couple of threads on this forum about appodeal and people’s reviews. Search for it and you will find what you are looking for there =).
If you integrate it, tell me how it goes =) thanks

I am still trying to get more info on it. It will either be appodeal or mobilecore. Not sure yet!

I honestly never tried Appodeal yet… but I’m pretty sure you will make more money with Appodeal. In my opinion Mobilecore is good only as a last network in a waterfall mediation due to their good fill rate and fast loading ads.
As i write this, I realize this is true for my Apps… it may not true for everyone.
The main point to notice is that Mobilecore pay per Installs (which in the case of my Apps is a very bad idea), while Appodeal (AdMob, FAN, etc) pay per click or impression mostly (which is good in the case of my Apps)

I added Appodeal in my game yesterday and now going to wait for about two weeks. Then, I will come back here and report

I didn’t get good result with Appeal, I think is good for people not into mediation as it does it automatically. They also claim that will give you better admob results than standard but I don’t agree at all…

MobileCore is lately, giving very poor results… but I hope they improve during the next weeks

@bradolh what was your account, let me check what went wrong. 95% of users on this forum are happy with Appodeal, so I am sure there is a simple way to fix low performance for you.

I hate Appodeal because they won’t pay you if your app gets suspended from Google Play. Because Google banned some of my apps, Appodeal suspended my account and I never got the money from them.