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Appodeal. The biggest fraud in history. My investigation - Touch Arcade

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Yes, they’re fraud. I can confirm it to you. They’ve botnets behind their network. A number of publishers got their app banned because of them.

There’re other legit programmatic mediation out there. Go, check them out.

I heard a lot of good things about them…
I can’t believe it…
Android is not safe at all

The only true mediation is just… Mopub.
Don’t belive in appodeal, alphagravel (cheaters), adtoapp (brand belongs to appodeal!) and other networks what are paying cash for you. Adabouts soon but I will decompile their SDK also to check it.

  1. They have own ad networks accounts, they can easily cut off your earnings or ban account and take earnings
  2. They haven’t any connection to ad networks, It’s like I want to send request to mobilecore, startapp or different network to share their secret data, lol. Not many networks have server to server connection with mopub but no network what is sharing data with them. Even them…
  3. Instant payout? Yes, interesting but you are loosing any control.

Anymore evidences?

Also suspect Appodeal when they ban a dev and his earning if his admob was ban. What about the earnings from other companies like Chartboost? And what make them so dependent of Admob?

I’am not %100 on this but the only reason they are so dependent on Admob is they probably throw thier own ADmob in via thier servers so sometimes its your admob ADs and sometimes your app is serving their Admob Ads in your app. Its the only thing I can think of .

If you are looking for an app monetization platform for your mobile apps, you can try AdPumb. It is one of the best alternative of Appodeal