Appodeal vs Mobilecore vs StartApp

Can you describe experiences with those networks? I’m not sure which one to choose…

Which is best and why?:
) Appodeal (without admob)
) Mobilecore
) StartApp

I think using Appnext for interestials and looking for ad network for banners.

I never tried Appodeal, but if you not plan to use any mediation (self made or with MoPub etc) I’d try Appoldeal first (if you have an AdMob account)

I don’t have admob account, that’s the problem :frowning:

Why don’t you just create one? What’s the problem?

My AdSense account is banned.

So you can’t used Appodeal

Why? Bad fillrate? No payment?

Oops, sorry for that.
Try to create another one for someone you trust like a brother or sister or parents and use it for your admob ads.

Well it’s risky if I get caught google bans the new admob account. My AdSense account was wrongfully banned so I hope to get it back one day so I don’t want to violate their TOS about creating another account.

I also don’t know anyone who would be willing to be used for account creation.

  1. Tried appodeal and their sdk is so big because of multiple networks so its making my build size big …Its not performed well for me though

2)Mobilecore is good…Sometime they are good and some times they don’t…some times they give 3-4$ eCpm and sometimes 0.30-0.40$ eCpm…

  1. Startapp was good once in those PPD days…Now their eCpm sucks…

I recommend using Facebook audience network …presently its working great for me …I can’t promise how it gonna be in future…

I wish you best luck with your account.