Appodeal raised a $3.1M investments round

I did not have proper funding when I started Appodeal about 1 year ago.

Nevertheless, we managed to create one of the fastest growing and most efficient monetization solution on the market, as we continue receiving tons of positive feedback from app developers every day.

Today I am excited to announce that Appodeal has closed a $3.1M seed round from one of the largest mobile apps publisher, that prefers to stay private. Appodeal will use this money to:
[li]increase earnings of app developers even further
[/li][li]improve the quality, performance and algorithms of the product
[/li][li]provide support for a wide range of frameworks
[/li][li]increase international and domestic market presence
[/li][li]continue to provide the best in class mediation and monetization solution
In 2011 I founded a mobile apps publishing company Alfa Productions. Over several years we published over 3000 apps on Google Play and iOS, monetizing primarily on advertisements. We tried all possible ad networks, mediators, monetization solutions. We learned all possible monetization tricks and perfected our knowledge in fine tuning each ad network to achieve optimal performance: price floors, targeting, user behavior, payout models, blacklisting and whitelisting, direct deals, etc.

When I started Appodeal, my goal was to create a zero-effort completely automated in-house monetization solution for Alfa. A monetization solution, that utilizes all our experience and seamlessly works. And works efficiently.

We launched private version of Appodeal in September 2014 and placed a set of experiments on Alfa’s inventory. I was shocked and amazed, when we noticed a ~270% growth of Alfa’s earnings. And I must say, by that moment, Alfa’s monetization set up was sophisticated enough, even without Appodeal.

In October 2014 I made a decision to make this technology available for everyone. It took us several months and we launched a public version of Appodeal on January 20-th, 2015. Many of you saw my very first post I made on MMWA forum to get some beta testers.

Today Appodeal is the fastest growing and most efficient mobile SSP. It produces higher earnings than any other service on the market. It has been proven and confirmed many times.

I must admit, that Appodeal is extremely lucky with the team. And it’s hard to find the right words to express my gratitude to people, who believed in this company at early stages and gave me advice, feedback, support, recommendations and courage. I would like to point out:
[li]Vadym Kurylovich and Yuri Ivanovski: System Architects
[/li][li]Andrew Fliak: Lead Software Engineer
[/li][li]Otto Kotto: Chief Financial Officer
[/li][li]Natalie Portier: Chief Operating Officer
[/li][li]Yuri Gurski, Viktor Prokopenya and Vladimir Gurgov: Business Advisors
[/li][li]Ihar Mahaniok: Software Engineer @Facebook
[/li][li]Angel investors:
[/li][li]- Kirill Shishkin
[/li][li]- Alik Muza
[/li][li]- Dmitry Belotserkovsky
[/li][li]- Kyle Tse
[/li][li]- Katsuhiro Okamura
[/li][li]Vladimir Zyablitski: Lead Software Engineer
[/li][li]Dmitri Botoroev: Lead iOS Engineer
[/li][li]Nazar Kozak: Lead Research Engineer
[/li][li]Anna Baidachnaya: Head of European branch
[/li][li]Stepan Solovyov: Head of Marketing
[/li][li]Geoffrey Hladik and Johnpaul Williams: Customer Success Team
[/li][li]Anatoly Lapiy and Vladimir Tymchuk: Software Engineers
[/li][li]And especially Veranika Holubeva

Thank you my dear friends. I’m proud of what we’ve built together and to be a part of your team. I can see that this company has a big future.

P.S. I would like to express additional thankfulness to MMWA and all app developers, who gave us a shot, when we were a small unknown company.
Thank you, guys! Truly you are a big part of this success.

Congratulations! Hope Appodeal go better and better!


Appodeal Sucks !!!

Support will keep you waiting for years for simple responses…

The most pathetic ad network support ever came across…

Dont know how it will pay up people’s money


You can check pollfish also. appodeal is comparitibely better.

Their time diff make you wait sometimes. i am integrating these days. you can PM me in case if i can help u with.

hope it helps.

I’m sorry, that it took longer than usual to process your request.

Appodeal is now hiring more support team members to prevent delays in future.

Our goal is to process all support requests in real time.

Congrats and my best wishes :slight_smile: