AppNext support

I want to block any Category which contains Dating/Chat advertising.
So I asked this question trough the support chat.

Their reply was “Regarding the category questions, sorry but i don’t have this info”
I guess I’ll just give them up already (just started testing them yesterday)… if their support team doesn’t have info who should have it? me? SMH
Also the way to block specific Apps is kind of absurd. They have many IDs for the same App (I guess many campaigns?) and I was told I need to block all of them. And what happens if they create a new campaign next week? do I have to monitor this staff daily? (this is just my speculation, I may be wrong… but I couldn’t get proper explanation from their support chat either)

This is not related to AppNext only btw, honestly Facebook Audience Network and MoPub have the lousiest support team ever. They can’t answer the most basic questions (don’t even bother with something code related)
I really wonder how they hire such incompetent staff to work for them. What’s even the point to spend money on a support team/service if it’s 100% useless most of the time? spare the money and increase share for publishers then…

Look, we are not perfect, but if there is something that I won’t accept is the fact that our support is less than “very good”, at the very least.

Please forward me the message/email/conversation you got to my email: [email protected] and I’ll take care of it.
As for your question - you can block a campaign but also the app itself.

Email me ASAP. you can also add me to Skype if needed.

hm, are you against of dating sites?

lol, how can people be against of dating sites if there is a great profit of dating sites use? For example, recently I found a girl from Ukraine and I’m quite pleased due to the fact that we got acquainted, seriously. For example, she is so lovely and interesting, and, as I understood, she has other mentality and it attracts me even more. Moreover, to my surprise, knows English very well, so we don’t have any barriers. By the way, using the dating site with single ukraine ladies where I found her I didn’t meet scammers and fake accounts, really, it’s kind of unbelievable.

personally I agree with you, because dating with ukraine girls is a treasure