Appnext Representative

Hi Guys! Happy new year everyone,

I’m Yoav and I will be the official Appnext representative on this forum - the veterans among you might remember Jonathan, and I will attempt to step into his very big shoes.

For those of you who don’t know - Appnext is a self-serve platform that allows developers to monetize their apps by connecting them to a world wide demand, feel free to check out our implementation methods on our new developers tools page.

I will do my best to answer your questions as well as provide some support and info - so feel free to ask, trash or complain (as well as compliment…!) whenever you feel :).


Hi! Nice to e-meet you.
Can you share your thoughts on 2 things:

  • why you don’t have instructions for integrating SDK in Eclipse? I think some people are still using it for creating apps and you are loosing some devs because of no integration availability
  • why currently to add app to your system app needs to be live on Google Play? It’s wasting time because I have to publish app, then create ID in your system and then update app with your sdk… It takes a lot of time and it was one of few things why I changed your company to another ad provider.

Have a ncie day!

Hey, sure thing:

-We do our best to provide integrations for the most popular environments around, that being said we also have to keep it focused since support on numerous environments is simply not sustainable for the long run as we have to keep up with numerous plugins and adapters on top of that. We might add it in the future if we see it has a huge demand.
-You don’t have to have it on the store as you can simply tick this little box when uploading a new app:

Hope that helps, cheers!

  1. Eclipse is still a tool for a lot of devs…
  2. A lot of devs don’t have time for this if they are making a lot of apps.

These 2 reasons were main why i decided to left you. Thanks for cooperation so far

Appreciate your feeback mmmkkksss!

I’ll update in case there are any plans for Eclipse, as for the #2 - it really takes a couple of minutes to upload an app using this feature and while it is true that some developers have tons of apps to upload - the vast majority only have one (or no more than a few for that matter), so again this is a commercial decision that might be changed if we see that there’s a wider demand for it.

And glad I could help, have an awesome day man.

Ok, let us know if anything will change in the future. Besides this, I really liked working with you. Good eCPM and support. I’m still making good money with them, but just don’t add new apps.

You too! All the best!