Appnext question

I have an app that has been banned from Google Play because of Bundle 2 ads , but still having more than 100.000 daily active users.
And now I think I’m going to switch from Airpush to Appnext , but I don’t know if they accept apps out of the Google Play market

Of course we accept these kind of apps. No problem with that at all.

Appnext banned my account with only email:
“Our compliance team has indicated that your account is violating the terms & conditions of Appnext as published on our website.
Please note that as of now your account is blocked. Please remove our ads immediately. Our financial department will be holding all past earnings.”
I try to contact with them but I don’t get an answer. I will warning my friend never use Appnext network.

Hi there,

email me with your details and let’s sort it out: [email protected]

This month, You suddenly suspended my account for no reason again. Tell me why??? I still got a payment lastmonth.

There were a lot of irregularities in your account, and many complaints from advertisers about the quality of the installs you generated. We sent you several emails which you haven’t answered.

off course you can also upload that app to anyother market place and please also mail the google and say sorry for that and to open the account again

I have checked my email. An email from your company in spam mail box. In your email,You said: you don’t see your ad in my website. Because when my revenue decrease so much, I started to use Affiliate Mob. And ane more thing,they pay me weekly. They have no problem with my traffic. I don’t think my account have a lot of irregularities. My CR always less than 3%.

Why don’t you answer me?

We sent several emails, not just the one you mentioned, and you did not answer them.
Our advertisers complained that there are zero post-engagement activity in the installs you generated. This means incent/fraud in 99% of the cases we see.
So, we paid what we owe you and choose not to work together again. From the complaints of other users about networks shutting down their activity without paying them - you can consider yourself lucky that you were paid. Let’s all move forward.

Lastmonth, I work for you about one week. I do it in a very short time. It is not proven. As you say: there are no post-engagement activity in the installs. It depends on my user, I can’t control them. Let’s pay me the revenue of lastmonth and we not work together anymore.


Why did it get banned from Google play? and shame on you appnext for immediately jumping on this with out asking the right questions to vet the app…

Not sure what you mean here… We asked all the questions we need, and did not get any answers. In cases like these, developers usually get banned from the ad network, without being paid at all. So I fail to see what we did wrong here.

The appnext paid users who receive a notification that your account is banned? :confused:

No, they are not paying.
We got the email from Appnext in December saying that some advertisers complained about installs we generated and they are holding payment until the end of the investigation. We have used Appnext for a 1.5 years and haven’t changed anything about displaying Appnext ads. We answered but got no reply from them and also got no payment. We have got payments in February and March and if I asked about January’s payment we just got the same answer "This is a notification that your Appnext account has been terminated … ", no more explaining and no answer to the further mail. Not very nice behavior from well known company, instead of admitting their mistake they just close your account. It seems that there is something wrong with Appnext, they have problems with advertisers paying them or they don’t have enough manpower to deal with small publishers and they want to get rid of them.

I think I see the problem guys its basically like this Appnext wants organic installs and not 8nce t for example

  1. The player plays your game and wants more coins
  2. You prompt the player to download the game in the AD to collect more coins.
  3. The player downloads the app in the AD but never opens it.
  4. Appnext recieves data that 1,000 downloaded the app but only 50 users opened the app.
  5. Appnext bans you for fraudulent activities.

No, we are not incentivizing users to install apps. We have ringtones and wallpapers app, not a game.

Hi Marko,

No one gets banned from Appnext without a reason, and we are definitely NOT trying to get rid of anyone - that would be against our goal as a company. I don’t know about your case, but we do make mistakes sometimes. If that is the case here, I’d be more than happy to fix it.

Add me to Skype (yoni_raveh) or email me ([email protected]), and let’s discuss.

You are simply wrong. That is not how it works, even if it was relevant to @marko.

An install is reported when the user opens the installed app for the first time. We don’t get any information about those who installed but didn’t open the app. For us, they are simply ‘clicks’.
We do have other algorithms in place to detect fraud, and they work very well. But even the best algorithms can be wrong sometimes.