AppNext Payment ?

Anyone received AppNext payment this month? Usually its around 10th now its 16th and still didn’t get it.

not it will be send on the end of the month

Why so? Did they change something? Usually payments were sent between 7th and 10th, pretty much beginning, not end

Yep, they changed payments to NET30

they not accepting apps without play store links and removing monetization of apps for which play store link not provided in the appnext dashboard

Hm, werent they always Net30? And payments were sent few days after months end that being around 8th of every month?
When was this changed? And when can we expect payment?

just read their privacy policy - they also informed about changing from NET10 to NET30. Support said that they will send money on the end of each month from now

they have good ecpm ?

Ah, I see. Thank you very much, I didn’t get any mail or notification from them that they will be changing payment system. But that explains it I guess. Thanks again!

@matrixreal, sometimes they do, right now I have pretty bad eCPM of 1.68$ which is for my standards very low.

You should keep in mind that that’s kind of annual payment should be on exact dates, it’s like when you took a loan and have to repay it. And if you took a loan from trusted service like - you gonna be good, as you can negotiate with them. But if contacted loan sharks, you shaking and shivering, as you want to repay quick enough. That’s the way they pay you - if you not persistent, they won’t even pay attention to you.