AppNext Payment

Any One get Payment from appnext?

I got regular payment from appnext.they generally pay on 10th of each month but this month I can not got payment.

All payments should be completed soon, do not worry. If on Monday you still don’t get paid - contact [email protected]

I have got my payment. But I got “deduction” - about 300$. Does anyone has the same?

Got mine, correct amount.

I also got my payment - and amount is also right !

I’ve not received yet. Anyone else?
I will contact appnext support if I will not receive it in next days…

yes, me too. my payment deduction around $181

I still have not received payment of last month.

Can anyone tell me.
What is the ECPM for Indian User . ? @jonathan ??

@jonathan - can you tell us why some people had deductions?

It changes between every publisher out there. The range is $0.3-$6.

This happens because some advertisers refuse to pay for the traffic that those publishers provide. We don’t simply accept these refusals and even when we do, in many cases we don’t deduct it from the publishers.

Oh, so I was very unlucky then…

I got My Payment.

Indian User Ecpm around 0.5-0.8$

I’ve not received the payment yet. I’ve also contacted [email protected] but no replies yet.
When I will receive the payment?

Still not replies. I tried to contact Jonathan directly by email but an auto reply message informed me that he’s on holiday till 20 August. Tried to contact also two account managers bit no replies.
I hope I have not to wait Jonathan back to office to receive my payment…

After recontacting my account manager again I got my payment a couple of hour ago without any deduction

@jonathan until now i have not received my payment of last month yet, what’s wrong with the appnext? who can help me resolve this problem?

And you did not get any notification from us? PM me with your details and let’s investigate.