Appnext payment April 16

Hello everyone, someone is late payment or has received payment of appnext this month? Last month I received the payment on the 8th and this month have not yet received this common? :confused:

My payment this month just arrived, I thought it only paid to the 10th, once again Appnext wins my vote of confidence and my recommendation.

Did Appnext pay this month [May]?

fell still not my payment, it usually falls around 08:00

If it did please tell me know. Thanks you.

10 date is not over, wait they will pay you in a moment, there jonathan here to assist developers.

I’ll start again with appnext if they still pay you

Guys, an update:

I’m told that all wire transfers were made already, so they should arrive at yuor accounts during the next 1-2 days.

As for PayPal payments - a slight delay - all remaining payments will be done by the end of tomorrow.

Anyone on that did not receive payment on the 13th - ping me or email [email protected]

Thanks for being such an engaged rep!

Received today my PayPal payment. Thanks Appnext and thank you Jonathan :slight_smile:

so Appnext is net8-15 now?or net38-45?

Net8-15 but most often pays at 10

I still not, still wait, just 200$.

Did you receiver your revenue?

I think I had not reached minimum.

Now its 15 May and i didn’t receive payments !

May I know the ecpm of Appnext for Indian Traffic ???

PM me with your details and I’ll try to have it checked.

If it did please tell me know. Thanks you.

I also did not received the payment, and they did not reply me any more.

has anyone recieved April 17 payment from appnext?