Appnext new Android SDK version released

Hi Guys,

For those of you who uses Appnext’s android SDK, I’m happy to announce that Appnext has just released a new version ( with corresponding Admob and Mopub adapters,

The scope of this version is to introduce new campaign types: competitors based campaigns (conquesting) and website destination campaigns, to fix some minor bugs and ANR’s that were reported to us as well as improve the Interstitial ad unit “X” (close) button.

You can read about implementation here,

Feel free to approach with any questions,


I was waiting for the new version of appnext because there were some minor bugs in the older version, hope that bugs are fixed in this version

Hey there.
Is there any chance you have re-enabled the option you had for a No-SDK appwall for app recommendations? You used to have it in the past, up to 1 year ago or so.

Hi Anteos,

Thank you for your question, the answer is unfortunately no. Appnext is focusing it’s activity on SDK and there’s no expectation to bring back the app wall any time soon.

When you will send March payment?

Exactly! We have never waited so long!

They pay Net30

It’s a joke… Payments didn’t arrived till now

Hi developers!

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Anyone got the payment yet?

Yes i got payment!!!, All is ok!!!

Appnext going to down now a days
no more revenue
i was a big fan of appnext, but now a days my revenue down to 90%

Appodeal basically ripped me off a lot of times, zero transparency in a lot of things and you seem like a company employee, which is great, but we don’t fall for this any longer.

How did Appodeal rip you off?

Hi Guys,

Appnext indeed pays Net30, if you find your payment delayed for some unexplained reason then please feel free to contact [email protected]. Please make sure you’ve filled in your payment details by login in to your account -> manage payments at the top right corner of the screen.

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