appNext low CPM

I am using AppNext within my app and this month’s ecpm is $0.59; How can I bring this figure up? Are there specific ad categories that bring in more revenue? Here is a link to my app:

Hi appnext is also performing poorly for me since 3 months now. Getting ecpm of $0.7 on full screen ads. No promotion also in recent months from appnext.

You should try mobileCore. It performs better than AppNext in my experience and it currently running some promotion.

Yeah… Switch with MobileCorethey are running promotion right now…

I used to get solid eCPM with mobilecore, but now the eCPM is around $0.30 almost two months now.

I saw some errors with MC’s installation tracker… Check yours maybe that is the reason of low revenue… I reported it already to them…

I think this data is normal, appNext is honest enough to its publisher, not like others.


First thing you need to do to improve your eCPM is to contact me :slight_smile:

Send me an email to [email protected] and let’s work on it. We can definitely try to imrpove it, and we have an integration manager for that specific purpose.

Waiting to hear from you.

Hi Javaexp,

We have emailed you a few days ago in order to start working on it. Please reply to Vardit so we can start improving your results.