Appnext Giving me only 0.21$ for a install.

I am using appnext only one week ago in my apps.they are giving me only 0.21$ per install for other countries .And 0.6$ for a us install. is it just me or is it like that for everyone?.Should i give them sometime or just dump them.Thanks

I am using offerwall only, I get like 1.5 usd per low countries, up to 6 for US.
Try contacting @jonathan here at forums.

thanks for your reply. it seems only i am experiencing this. i sent jonathan a message on skype. i hope this will be resolved.what other adnetworks do you use?

The price of an install is different for different apps Appnext doesn’t configure the install rate its the advertisers. They just get some commission which is 30% for example if the cpi(cost per install) is $2.30 then you will get $1.61. You will get more if you get an install of a popular app like Candy crush soda and will get low for a not so popular app. The cpi cost is low for low tier countries and high for first tier countries. The advertisers decide the cpi cost and Appnext has nothing to do with it.

With Appbrain it varies depending on the country.

thanks for your reply but i get only 0.5$ to 0.6$ even for us install.yesterday i got only 4$ for 13 i think i will change the network or atleast add another network to see which works best for me.

hi headyt,you could try more networks to find the best one

Hey @headyt! You’re right- don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You should try out Supersonic, they have great CPI rates! plus they’re having an Easter Promotion, you’ll get $100 bonus if you sign up today with your first deposit. Hurry up- offer ends tomorrow! More here!

$0.6 for US seems very low. I think most offers will pay you much more. and $0.21 also seems a bit low. since it’s a bidding system, you see offers with low CPI rate, but the main question is how much you earn in the end of the day. Some low CPI offers will convert better than high CPI offers and will generate better eCPM. So you can never know.

On the other hand, if you see that all the offers have low CPI - you should ask someone about it (although I’m using Appnext, and I’m seeing all kinds of offers and rates).

i am getting only low cpi. for a U.S install it even went to 0.4$. but ecpm is above 1.5$(decent).yesterday with 57 installs i got only 27$. What other adnetwork do you use anything you can recommend?. i sent a pm to jonathan on skype. no reply from him.he has not replied here either.

BTW how much do you get for a install for tier 1 countries with appnext?

sent via skype lol

Why lol? he is active on this forum too. he could reply here.but he replied on other threads.

today screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

less than 1k impressions is way too low for CPI ad network

Im sending some traffic to AppNext and after 5 days I feel disappointed, basically because the first 3 days eCPM was awesome and suddenly it drops , number of installation are same or even more, geo are the same, even installation from US when in the first days eCPM was high now is low. It reminds me old times when ad networks were using this tricks to fool users…

		impr		install	revenue	eCPM

08-04-2015 2,661 9 23.25 8.74
09-04-2015 4,565 14 23.61 5.17
10-04-2015 4,725 22 9.78 2.07
11-04-2015 1,566 6 2.09 1.33

Hi there,

There is no ‘plan’ to cheat anyone. In the first few days our ad server i ‘learning’ the new placement you created. Until the optimization process is completed, the system is giving you better revenue for each install so you will not lose money in the ‘learning’ process. Also, advertisers are always bidding higher on new placements. That’s why revenue is so high in the first few days.

Frankly, giving someone very good eCPM for only 3 days - that’s a method that doesn’t fool anyone. So, trust me when I tell you - this isn;t a method to keep you in our platfrom. If I wanted to do that, I should have maintained that eCPM for at least 2-3 weeks…

Hi, heady,

As we know, there are a lot of ad network, like AdMobi, airpush, startapp, SinceStar

you need to choose the best ones or suitable ones for your app.

what do you consider it is important when you are deciding?

the price? the payment circle? the user experience?

as everyone has its own consideration, the choice is difference.

if you want to earn more payment, think the CPI is so hard to count. maybe PPD is the best choice.

Using PPD, you can easily count your revenue. you just need to count how many downloads you own.

if you are interested, let me know