Appnext ecpm drops rapidly a couple of weeks after you sign up. Anyone else notice?

i’ve tested out a few accounts and what i’ve found is Appnext ecpm drops rapidly a couple of weeks after you sign up

i think they intentionally try to draw you in with high ecpm’s initially and then start taking more and more of the profit

anyone else notice this?

if you are considering using them, i would suggest you monitor performance against a few other ad networks over a long period of time. some concrete numbers: split testing against a few other popular ad networks. ecpm was constant over a 1 month period for all ad networks except for appnext, which tended to drop rapidly (over 70%)

sorry for the rant, but i just feel a little scammed. feel free to post your own experiences here

I also experienced that! Some of my apps hot 0.5 eCPM.


No scam here. We don’t have a mechanism that generate a higher eCPM at start - just so you know. As for the profit - its the same with all the everyone. When an advertiser launches a campaign, you get your 70 percent. We don’t keep part of it to our selves so we can earn more. Never happnened. I truely hope no network does that, because that would be a scam.

I see 2 reasons for this drop - first, there’s a natural drop after a few weeks, which happnes from the user being accustomed to the placement and the ads. We see it across the board. Second, we lost a few big advertiser over the last few weeks that had great perfoming campaigns. We are working to get some back, and probably a few of them will be back over the next 2 weeks.
@AfroApps & @fundev - any more questions about this issue (specifically about your account), you can also contact me in private ([email protected])

We all hope, thar great CPM will be back :slight_smile:

i think it is common everywhere

“Maybe because” -

1)After two weeks user has seen all ad campaigns avilable
2)User also gets aware when is the ad going to be shown (most probably if it is app launch- he is waiting it to appear so that he can close )

but if you have daily high proportion of first time users then things must be something different

Well Jonathan just said they lost some major advertisers that the reason why. I don’t think thats common everywhere as onlinewander stated. The best thing is to drop this network and go with someone else. I mean if big advertisers left that’s a hint maybe you should too. There is a reason that they left.
Advertisers pay big money and want a certain level of quality from their service and as developers we need to hold our standards high like they do. Don’t fall for the trick oh its ending of a quarter , you heard that line before.

They haven’t left us. They paused their campaign. As they did in all the other networks.
It’s a global issue, not a local problem we have.

Ok I used the word lost because you used the word lost here in your statement where you said you lost some big advertisers.Now your saying it’s because they pause campaign. Ok next time say it right first time then there will be no mix up.
So which advertisers left? King? Gameloft? Disney?