AppNext December Payment

is anyone already get AppNext December payment?

Not yet. Probably a delay as they calculate bonuses.

this is my first payment. I didnt receive my payment today. there is anyone didnt receive the december payment?

All payments were already done. It might take an extra day or 2 to reach your bank account.

If you haven’t gotten paid by Monday - email me and we’ll check.

@jonathan how about paypal payments? aren’t those instant? how come I haven’t received paypal payment yet?

Send me an email wirh the details of your account. All payment that haven’t been made will be made within the next 2-3 days. Teribbly sorry for this delay.

PM sent. I hope my payment will be out. Thanks advance

Also dont have it on PP

Got mine via Wire a few days ago.

Hi jonathan,
I have not receive december revenue by paypal.
Is it still under processing?
This is my first payment with appnext.
Hope to hear from u soon.

Hi @CoolApp.

Payment is still under porcessing. We are having a delay with payments, but it’s because there too many of them to make.
Accounting team assured me that all payments will be made by the end of tomorrow (14th). Don’t worry, we don’t forget anyone. All will be paid.

But… my apologies for the delay. Payments are made until the 10th of each month. The delay is only because we don’t have enough manpower to actually make the payments. We need to hire more people.

Noted n thanks for the prompt reply.

thanks… I got the payment 3hours ago

Hi jonathan,

I have received appnext december payment but not the bonus.
Is it because i’m not eligible for the bonus as i have just joined appnext in early december?

I have the same situation

Everyone is eligible!

It’s probably because you didn’t ASK for it. One of the terms for getting the bonus is writing us and asking for it. Did you?
If not, email me at [email protected] and ask for it. It will probably be paid together with your next payment.

You did ask for the bonus, if I’m not mistaken. I’ll check it and PM you.

Exactly, I wrote to you twice about that. Please check.


I just requested via email. Thanks.

I think if you have an event double earning bonus, you will pay the bonus without having to ask about the bonus to you.