Appnext banned my account without notification


As nice as it sounds, they blocked my account without warning. That’s the reply I’ve got from them:

[i]Hi, My name is Assaf, I’m an account manager at Appnext.

Our compliance team has indicated that your account is violating the terms & conditions of Appnext as published on our website.

Please note that as of now your account is blocked. Please remove our ads immediately. Our financial department will be holding all past earnings.

Assaf Eitan – Account Manager[/i]

Sounds like a joke, they can’t notify me, but I have to remove their ads ‘inmediately’.
And still haven’t explained how I violated they terms & conditions…


I believe Appnext is a serious ad network, maybe we will hear something from @jonathan… Good luck

Thanks @ernestofnz,

@downloader - send me an email ([email protected]) with your details and I’ll investigate. We make mistakes, of course, from time to time. Let’s check.
Waiting to hear from you.

Email sent.

I never heard a single ban from AppNext!

After speaking to them, it turns they banned me by mistake, and then restored my account.

This kind of story (ban my mistake and then the account is restored) I’ve seen quite often on the forum from quite some different Network.
What is sad is that usually their first reply by email confirms the ban (like in this case) and only after making it public on the forum they check it again and solve it.
It almost looks like that if you simply reply to confirm the ban without even checking the case.

Glad to hear you got it resolved! Sucks that it was a mistake though :confused:

The reason is not that he put it in the forum, but that he I noticed it. If he had sent me a standard email, I would have checked it as well.

But - you are right. These mistakes are annoying, and the developers are the one that suffer from it. We can only apologize…

If anyone is really interested why these mistakes happens - I’d be happy to explain further.

Yeah, I am not saying that posting in the forum will effect the result of the review (mistake vs real fraud prevention)
But it looks like he sent an email to the support team and got a reply that the Ban was final and verified already. That’s his account manager reply…
How should we know we have to bypass even our Account Manager to get real help/check? This sounds bad practice to me. (again, I have read similar story on different Ad Networks so it looks like a general practice of having bad Account Managers)

You are right - if he had sent an email to support and got no response (or the wrong response), then this is something we need to fix. We pride ourselves on having a very good support, and we need to prove.

Luckily, this forum is here, and most of you know my name by now (and how to reach me).

Luckily, there is an always reachable person like Jonathan from Appnext, so no need to worry when you are mistakenly banned by Appnext. However, if you are banned by Admob or other services by Google then you need to pray for the luck!

Anyway, Jonathan, can you give examples of what kind of activities that an ad network use to identify an app or Dev as fraud?

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I have problem like that. But I haven’t received any email from them. I have got the May and June payments. I can’t login to my account last month. No explanation was offered. That’s Not as much as some other people get paid but I want to make it clear. My account is [email protected]. To @jonathan

This sounds very strange.
Please send me an email about it ([email protected]) and let’s sort it out.

Hi @superandroid, sorry for not noticing your question before.

At any case, I cannot give any examples about fraud detection, I hope you understand. This is the one thing I cannot disclose :slight_smile:

Thanks for noticing my question! Nevermind! I could understand that it should be kept secret, but I am not asking for the techniques or algorithms behind fraud detection. What I want to know is the guidelines that we should follow in order to avoid being considered as fraud because sometime, we, developers, are mistakenly considered as frauds without doing anything.

You are right. These mistakes can happen from time to time. But these mistakes are more related to the network algorithm. If you want to avoid mistakes as much as possible, just make sure:

  1. Not to incentivize the install in any way - this will create high conversion rates - red flag.
  2. Not to ask your friends and family to install apps - again, this will raise another red flag.

That’s about as many tips as I can give you. If you are working in an honest way, everything should be OK. At least with Appnext. I have had complaints about blocked accounts that we checked and verified, and for some we reviewed and saw that traffic is legit. Whoever you work with, I suggest that you choose a company with a good support team.

I searched this forum by google to complain Appnext. I still have not been paid till today. This morning, I login my Appnext account, contact with them to ask : why they are late my payment. And now, they delete my account, no reason, no warning. Anyone see the same case as me??? @jonathan


Please send me an email ([email protected]) with your details and I’ll investigate. Let’s check.
Waiting to hear from you.