Appnext ban my account with funny reason

I received a email from Appnext, said my account is blocked. After I read the email, I still don’t know why they block my account. Here is the email content:

“This is a notification that your Appnext monetization account, Talengineerhas been terminated.
Reason for termination: violations of the platform Terms and Conditions.
You can review the account termination policies as denoted in Section 7 of Appnext’s T&C. If you feel the termination may have occurred in error, please reach out to the Appnext support team. Please note that the accrued earnings will be withheld.
Please do not consider registering a new account to the Appnext platform. It will be recognized by our Compliance team, and immediately blocked as a potential T&C violator.”

What is section 7?
“7.1 As between Appnext and Advertiser: (i) Appnext retains all rights, title and interest in and to all Intellectual Property Rights embodied in or associated with the Appnext Advertising Platform, Appnext’s website, all of its Services as well as any derivative therefrom; and (ii) Advertiser retains all rights, title and interest in and to all Intellectual Property Rights embodied in or associated with its Application. There are no implied licenses under the Agreement, and any rights not expressly granted to Advertiser hereunder are reserved by Appnext or its suppliers. Advertiser will not take any action inconsistent with Appnext’s ownership of the Appnext Advertising Platform, its website, all of its Services as well as any derivative therefrom. Neither party will exceed the scope of the licenses granted hereunder.”

It means Appnext can block my account if they want.

The only reason I can think is that I sent several message to them for my April payment, because they didn’t pay me. The reason they gave is my April revenue didn’t reached $20, but plus my March revenue, it’s already exceed $20, but they didn’t reply me anymore.

To my opinion, they payment system is not good, you can not check your transaction history or balance. Too bad.

Not even sure how to answer this one.

The minimum for payment is $20. For us to block an account because it reached $20 and we do not want to pay…that is absurd.
Feel free to PM me with your account details and I’ll check it again.

I got blocked too, got the same email.
maybe they just c/p lol

Come on guys, you have to fuk up pretty bad to get banned from appnext, I don’t always care for CPI only networks but these guys are as straight forward is you an get and they always pay on time!

really? I read the whole message thinking you had lost thousands of dollars and all this for 20 dollars?
just forget about it…

It’s not just money issue. In March and April I just give it a try in one App, and in May I integrated it in 3 Apps, and the revenue in May is much higher than previous month.
And they ban my account, wasting my effort.

What did Jonathan tell you abouting banning? I don’t really believe any ad network would ban you for $100 (much higher than $20)?

Of course, I don’t think they ban me just because they don’t want to pay me for that little money. Another reason is I post on their forum on not paying me and complain about their system can not check the balance.
So I think they ban me is because of reputation.

Now don’t know why their forum is already done, cannot access already. There are a lot of thing can complain, hope they can improve. Anyway, I already sent email to Janathan, waiting his reply.

Did anyone get bonus from appnext for higher earnings in may than in april? I didn’t get it with my may revenue… And regarding the thread - Appnext is very trusted company and Jonathan is a very nice guy and good support. Just write to them

Not received yet. Reading ToS, we have to claim our bonuses. I just wrote my account manager about it.

I have received my May earnings + bonus, smooth as always

Still got no reply from Appnext, I think they totally give up me…

No one is giving up on anyone :slight_smile:

We are going to complete payments (which have been delayed for some developers) and we are going to address all the issues.

Yes, maybe for the new comer only. The old member knowing your trick will be abandoned.

I don’t do tricks.
We are not perfect and certainly make mistakes, but I’m not stealing anyone money. We have over 40,000 registered developers in our platform, so naturally payments and fraud detection take a lot of time and effort, and sometimes mistakes happen. We try to own up to them and learn from them.