Apployer Works!!!

Hey guys!

Pieter of Apployer contacted me to try out their service. I was skeptical at first but hey, anything that helps right? I’m not in any way connected with Apployer. I just wanted you guys to know about it.

First time I tried, it did not deliver what I was expecting. But their support is, well, how will I put it? “Supportive”. Hehehe!:wink: So we went through it again. The promised installs were 40 but now in its 500 and counting! I guess I’m getting organic installs now.

Try it guys. Here’s the link:

I browsed their site…the deal seems good but. How is the user retention on this.
I imagine that it is similar to all the others that offer incentives to users for installs. Install the app then delete almost immediately.

Does that not do more harm than good?
Im really curious about what effects it can do to you.

Out of the 500 who installed, I still have 200 user retention. I hope it lasts.

NoT a bad idea similar to other apps like CashPirate to name 1 , what seems on the low side here is the number of installs the app itself has - hence not many users will download the promoted apps. The price seems good if most installs are tier1

It says on their site, “Optional user retention platform for incentivising specific behaviour” What does that mean? They don’t go into any details of extra cost, etc.