Applovin Performance?

Hi Guys, I want to know how Applovin is performing these days. Anybody of you guys trying it? Also What are the good interstitial ad networks for games except Admob?

we have good interstitial for games,and you can use mediation for best eCPM

This is one of those moments the developer was looking for other developers feedback.


I will say, that is one annoying thing with this forum. A member will ask a specific question and all of the ad network reps jump in a promo for their company. Super annoying. Personally, I think less of the company when they do that.

i use applovin, the performance is not good last year

I’ve been using applovin for 1.5 year. Only banners. At the beggining ecpm was good, but nowadays it is so low that I had to remove it from all apps. Instead of applovin banners I use mopub and startapp banners now.

Don’t know how applovin intrrstatials are doing.

Applovin is dead

App don’t give no lovin anymore.

All my accounts got suspended in 2013 because of applovin even though my apps were unpublished there SDK had a security hole in it so google banned all my apps and since I had more than 3 apps I exceeded the 3 strike rule and got banned. Still 5 years left on statue of limitations so I might file a lawsuit against applovin since it was them that got my huge accounts suspended. At the time I was making $250 a day and suddenly vanished because of applovin.

Okay so applovin is officially dead…whaat about Appnext…or mobilecore…Mobilecore’s performance confuses me also they dont show the number of impressions…though i saw that the beata version they released and distributed among few developers shows the number of impressions…

so any other suggestions guys…and that comment app dont give no lovin anymore…good one

Why do you say they show no impressions? If you select an AD type the dashboard will change and show you impressions, clicks and everything.

Does anyone use applovin now?

Applovin banners are not supported anymore. Their interstitials have about $0.7 rpm in my apps.

I’m using applovin now. It is good according to other networks except admob. Admob is the best network. I tried a lot of network and I’ m using admob and applovin. I’m happy about it.


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Do you also pay AdMob profit or you have a separate plugin samilarly to Appodeal and AdinCube?