Applovin Opinions

Hi guys!

I am thinking to start using Applovin banners and interstitials on some of my apps.
Is there anyone with sufficient stats with Applovin to tell me if it is worth it or not, preferably with some eCPM and revenue reports?

Just FYI, it will be alongside Admob banners+interstitials and the purpose of Applovin is to fill on 100% if my Admob ever gets banned. Also, it is one of the few only I can use since I have already had bad experience with my other options.

Hi Anteos, take a look at our eCPM comparison (Applovin included) Mobile Ad Networks Interstitial eCPM Report*- by AdTapsy.

Of course it depends on user countries. For me applovin gave very bad results… like 0,01 eCPM for interstitials

Same for me. I removed them very soon.

Thank you both. Looks like I must either try on some apps or avoid completely.

Not so good, I had this network when it’s started. 2-3 times correct payments, after that ban for… fraud(? I had their banner only in application main menu), they gave my account back after 3 months, deleted revenue. Tried to put it again but dashboard not calculating my revenue again.
Joke network^^

AppLovin performs well on iOS, but for Android, you should switch to the other networks like mobileCore, Appnext, Startapp,…etc.

My experience: ecpm about $0.10 for Tier1 and Tier2 countries. In addition to this, the number of impressions shown in the dashboard is about 50% lower than in reality.