Applovin ECPM too low.

Hi Guys,
I am not sure what is wrong with Applovin, I am getting ECPM of $0.35 for video ads. The ads are full length ads.
It is not like that I am delivering less impressions, My impressions are 2,00,000 per week, with 8000 unique users per day.
Please assist me why my ECPM very low.:(:(:(:(:frowning:

thats normal with applovin … i would use better admob or even more better mediation like appodeal !

I am getting $0.18 for every 1000 impressions now. Thats absurd.

I saw a decrease in eCPM pn applovin since november aprox… somedays I have good eCPM (above of $80) but most of days… almost nothing. I think we should give a chance to Vungle or use any mediation tool, as apparently, things in applovin aren’t going to improve.