AppLock Zilla: Protect apps with Rhythm of your taps

Presenting a Free AppLock with the highest number of security features
AppLock Zilla is a free app protector or smart app locker for android Smartphones that secures messages (WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, Facebook, Skype, Gmail etc.) Photos, Videos well as all your private apps. AppLock Zilla locks all your apps and secures your privacy with various types of password lock types.
AppLock Zilla comes with two completely unique features such as Tap Lock Rhythm Lock
 Tap Lock enables you to secure your phone by entering specific area based taps to form a pattern.
 Rhythm Lock enables you to secure your phone by forming a rhythmic touch pattern which is virtually impossible to be entered by someone else than you.

AppLock Zilla Lock Types:

  1. Rhythm Lock
  2. Tap Lock
  3. Calculator Lock
  4. Time Pin
  5. Gesture Lock
  6. Pattern Lock
  7. Numeric (Password) Lock

AppLock Zilla has been optimized to conserve battery life and is completely AdFree. You can control access of all your private photo and video folders from intruders by hiding them using AppLock Zilla.

AppLock Zilla Features:
• App Groups
• Individual Locks
• Time and Location Profiles
• Toggle Protection
• Remote Protection
• Third Eye
• Media Vault
• Themes