AppLift (not AppBrain part) - anyone heard about them?

They’ve “spammed” me today with an offer of interstitials that are like a small game (slots, scratchcard and selecting a box) - that could get high CTR when used games. I was wondering if anyone here is using them, are they trustworthy?

Wait, so they’re using the same name as AppBrain’s SDK? Isn’t that a bit confusing/illegal? (Assuming AppBrain have TMd it)

I tried their ads, but never published an app with them in. Their interstitials don’t have a close button. So, be careful!

They do have good ads as far as I have tested. Highlighted to them about the close button, they said they will get it to me last week (a new SDK)… and now it is this week and still no sign of an updated SDK… hmm, disappointing start there.

Hey, I am from AppLift. Just to let you know that we have updated our PlayAds SDK end of last week with the close button.

what about the issue about 2 ads popping up one after another? I’ve also highlighted this and was told it was a caching issue that would have been solved on the same day I raised it, but it is still not solved till now.

thanks on the update of the sdk though.

i am confused!
App brain has applift sdk! And there is another company called applift with playads sdk!
Are they related by any means?

No relation as far as I know.