Application got banned a day after policy change..!!

hello friends,
i had a application on google play since exactly 1 year, yesterday after accepting policy changes, today i got the mail that my app has been removed from google play due to the following reason

Your title and/or description attempts to impersonate or leverage another popular product without permission. Please remove all such references. Do not use irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in apps descriptions, titles, or metadata.

This particular app has been disabled as a policy strike. If your developer account is still in good standing, you may revise and upload a policy compliant version of this application as a new package name.

what to do now guys, do i ahve to make a whole new app? and what about the earnings from this app, will it continue to give me earnings (since it has been removed form google play but it is still in users mobile who use it daily)…
please help

you copied description sentences from other apps/games?

Hmmm so does that mean if I create application with name xyz, and someone else created an application after me with the same name, then this person should get their application banned?

No, i didn’t copied description from anywhere, but my app was a ‘game guide’ fo a very popular game andit contained that game’s name in its title and description.
Now what to do, what will happen to my admob account and earnings? what should i do now?

You had just luck, yesterday was ban hammer on all market. Many people lost accounts, apps, etc. Even ban for stupid penguin clipart what was not stolen, for “no prank” word in title or for nothing. Game guides are usualy banned after 1-2 months, so it’s not strange. I had cheats for GTA 5 once time and banned after month for use word GTA, even if I had disclaimer.

@awlabs also had GTA5 cheat guide I remember now. get over it now man. Its gone and can’t come back. Build a different strategy and business plan

yes it was the same app, it was giving me lots of money, but now i have a problem what will happen to my unpaid earnings in admob/adsense and will it be continue to earn?

my GTA5 banned on February, still gives me 30-40$/day :wink: sadly that cheats apps are being banned so fast, yes it will continue to earn unless you lost all active users/dau, earnings are safe but in my opinion nobody is safe in admob :wink:

urs is also admob? app is also giving me 30-40$, it had over 150000 downloads

Admob? Never since 2011 when I had fully normal apps and they deleted my account without any explain :wink: There are people that thinks that admob is something good, legit and pays good, don’t listen them, find some different ad network but check if it’s fine with google policy:
-mobilcore (safe)
-appnext (safe)
-airpush (safe for standard SDK, i’m not using bundle 1 so I don’t know)
-startapp (causes bans last days)

shit, now i cant update my app also, is there any solution to get my earnings keep going? this was the only app which was giving me earnings :frowning:

Only one solution is to forget about it, in the future make some house ads system to transfer your DAU to new app.

okkk…:(…but i got more than what i deserved for that application, it was just some simple html pages integrated in it.

The google play store is getting out of hand. I had a game that got banned with the word “Flow” in the title. The game has nothing to do with the popular “Free Flow” game but come to find out they copyrighted the word “Flow”…yes “Flow”…So word of advice for anyone with that word in the title of their app or game :confused:

@MilesP, when your app has been banned? There were topic about this about two months ago. Couple of ppl had their games banned, but only in USA - cause that trademark is only registered there.

So what should i do now? is there a risk of my admob account getting suspended?, and also will my unpaid earnings till now be paid?

This happened about 2 weeks ago. Wasn’t a member of this forum back then, wish I was and saw that thread though…

I don’t know the risk of your admob account getting banned but I will tell you this, when my account got banned, i lost all earnings. Well over 100 bucks. Sent an appeal to get my account reinstated, never heard back…this was 3 months ago:mad:

So to sum this up, does the new agreement mean that all apps that use another app’s name in its title or description, will be banned once the new developer agreement was accepted by the developer? That will ban out like 10 % of all android apps, won’t it?

Ive been thriving on admob and startapp /appnext since 2011(back when banners were the only means!), and since a few months i’ve got quite alot from admob in particular, ecmp’s are pretty good, never got banned either :slight_smile:

Good for you, I know many, many people who get banned in admob and even no any explaination or reply. Admob is like adsense, read in web about bans in admob/adsense, look for “adsense scam”, “admob scam”. I think the best solution is “less google”. So I am not using admob, google webservices like github, anything from google except store and I belive that avoiding them is best what I made since 2011.