Apple wins over Samsung


I now will patent a circular shape and sue everyone who sells wheels

I will also patent the bring-phone-to-ear-to-talk gesture

I agree, the lawsuit is ridiculous. And it’s bad news for everyone that software patent’s have been reaffirmed in this way.

Samsung obviously was inspired by Apple’s design principles. But this doesn’t mean their devices were complete rip-offs, with no unique features or research. There’s a difference between patenting an actual device, and patenting the vague concept of “rounded corners”, or “minimal front face”.

Perhaps Samsung deserved a bit of a slap on the wrist. Perhaps they crossed the line with their “inspiration”. But I think this lawsuit is nothing but bad news for software companies, and developers in general. You shouldn’t be able to patent the vague ideas which Apple is asserting here.

No, now come on … has a judge really to confirm that mankind is such stupid to cannot diversify an iPhone from an Galaxy because they have the same shape? Really?

I just cannot believe, that it is valid to “patent” a shape like a rectangle with round borders.

I am honest, I like the shape of the iPhone much more than the shape of the S3 (from an optical standing) - but that would NEVER EVER be a reason for me to buy an iPhone

How often was Microsoft sued because the judge said MS was controlling the market by installine IE right away.

So now comes Apple, telling that they have invented the smartphone (which they don’t) and sue everyone who dares to make another smartphone.

Software patents are the worst invention of the 21st century…

Think it further - what was the first video game? Imagine when the guy with the first video game ever decides he has invented video games and now everyone has to pay licenses because they are making different videogames- that’s waht software patent is and it is evil.

Apple = USA, Samsung = South Korea

Seems to be the right time for FORD to sue every car manufacturer because they use an assembly line …