Apple Shooter 3D – 2

From the makers of “Apple Shooter 3D”, here comes the second version of the game with amazing Game Play – “Apple Shooter 3D - 2” in Casual Game Category. APPLE SHOOTER 3D – 2 is the best archery game ever, let’s try this exciting game now on Android, Google Play! New levels, amazing themes to explore, more exciting and unique targets to complete will drive you crazy throughout the game play. Use the bow and the arrows to hit the apple on your friends head. Be careful, your buddy can get hurt with your single mistake or a miss shot. Move to the next level by shooting the increasing targets as it gets more and more difficult to complete the tasks in advance levels. Experience the archery simulator game in casual category. Download now, the best archery game in Android, Google Play.
Are you ready for the New and Unique Challenges of Apple Shooter 3D – 2 ?
** Apple Shooter 3D - 2 Features:
:heavy_check_mark: Campaign through many new levels and experience the real 3D Environment.
:heavy_check_mark: Excellent and Vivid animation effects with beautiful color theme background.
:heavy_check_mark: Easy & user friendly controls to play.
:heavy_check_mark: Incredible 3D graphics put you right in the fun environment!
:heavy_check_mark: 3D Environment with multiple characters
:heavy_check_mark: Realistic HD Graphics
:heavy_check_mark: Pick up the bow & release the arrows to hit the apples
:heavy_check_mark: Realistic archery simulation with cool sound
:heavy_check_mark: Free realistic physics and shooting Simulation Game play
:heavy_check_mark: Challenge & Share with your friends
:heavy_check_mark: Unbelievable scenes & targets to shoot
:heavy_check_mark: Challenging targets to shoot with great animation
:heavy_check_mark: Free app for kids and adults
:heavy_check_mark: Explore the different themes game play
:heavy_check_mark: Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.
:heavy_check_mark: Limited arrows to hit the specific target, avoid hitting others. Multiple targets to play & shoot with
classic Bow and Arrows theme.
:heavy_check_mark: Unlock various achievements after completing the missions. Reach the TOP of Leader board to
Compete with friends.

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