Apple apps for Android

I know Android is catching up with Apple in terms of available apps, but are there any apps available on Apple products that you’d love to see come to Android? Reply below, or check out my website (see my profile for the url) and add an idea there.

ArtRage. But it’s a huge application, not a simple app. Would be insanely great to have it on Note tablet.

I’ve seen the Note tablets - the stylus would make it the only tablet I’d consider if I was in the market for one.

I’m pretty sure Play already caught up with the AppStore in terms of supply…

yes play store has more apps than itunes and almost every app has been cloned in android.
I too started developing for iOS and their xcode is just awesome but objective-c sucks. Will need to hire someone to port my android apps to itunes.

Wow - Android catching up must have happened while I turned my back for five minutes. I think that should be something that people promote a little bit more, after all, Apple is still famous for its apps, whereas I think Android is popular because of its range of phones.

Google Wallet service that is compatible with Apple’s iOS devices and Android devices. Google Wallet for iOS lets users send money to others via an email address; add credit/debit and loyalty cards that can be used in stores; and see nearby offers/sales based on location. The app uses a PIN for security and the app can be disabled remotely if the phone is lost. Since iPhones do not have NFC radios on board, Google Wallet cannot be used to make mobile payments at retail locations where Google Wallet is accepted. The app mostly allows Google Wallet account holders to manage their account. You can download it for free in iTunes App Store.