AppKey for Android- Alternative for Dev's seeking a COMPLIANT GPLAY Ad Policy Partner

Are you an Android Developer which has fallen victim to GPLAY’s recent Ad policy changes? Are you no longer getting what you expected from Airpush, Startapp, Leadbolt, etc?

Have you heard about AppKey ? ?

1.[AppKey](http:// is an out-of-app monetization & discovery platform designed exclusively for Android.

  1. [AppKey](http:// is the first to combine the hyper-local potential of home screen advertising with the user incentive of free apps and content.

  2. [AppKey](http:// is (and always has been) compliant with Google’s new ad policy because its a fast and easy opt-in model.

Please check out our 90 second AppKey intro video or contact us about our compliant Google ad policy.


Serge f. Voronov
AppKey, out-of-app Android monetization platform - AppKey
Skype: serge_voronov

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