AppKey - Exciting new ad network offering install incentives...

I’m posting here to let you know about a new ad network, AppKey. We’re currently in beta, offering a new monetization model that is fully opt-in and free for the users, offers a great space for advertisers and above all, is completely focused on making developers more money!

Feel free to check out our site ( to learn more about what we offer. Currently we are giving install incentives to our beta developers like those on this forum - 5 cents for US installs, a penny elsewhere. Our SDK and widget are already released, and we have a B4A integration as well. Where does the money come from? We’re showing great local deals and targeted banners on the home screen, and are already integrated with Groupon, Yelp and Mobile Spinach for awesome inventory and great commissions.

Feel free to ask questions here or in a message - hope we can help you make more money from your apps!

Hannah ([email protected] /

here you can find incent installs Google Play incentive installs 0.2$ per install

I suggest that all new ad networks checkout google play compliancy for ads before wasting money developing an adnetwork, lock screen ads are against google play’s ad policies. So say bye bye to thousands of investment dollars down the drain developing this adnetwork.

Sure about the lock screen? Because Widdit is doing the same and they are saying that their SDK is Google Compliant. They are showing an EULA at the first time, if the user accepts then it’s doing the thing with the lock screen.

you also see tons of people reporting here about bans from using widdit

So I’m happy that I removed them on time :rolleyes:

Dear DroidGenie,
“Tons of people” - from where you get this stats? why to write those kinds of lies if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Let me assure you that all of Widdit solutions are 100% compliant with all of Google’s terms of service.
Google are always updating its terms in order to deliver better experience for Android users, and every time an update is issues, our legal team advises and monitors relevant changes to our SDKs and apps.

Please carefully read the following Google terms, and note that Widdit works in accordance to those guidelines:

For more information about HomeBase’s compliancy issues, visit our blog- Keep Your Google Play Compliance With Widdit?s Homebase | Widdit | Blog

If you know Widdit - you will know that we are working in this industry more than a year - gives monetization solutions to more than 200+ active developers. None of our partner complained about banning from Google Play.

For all other developers - you welcome to try new and innovative monetization platform - No more boring banners and ads that ruin your app - Lockscreen monetization gives you a new asset to make money from without damaging the current one.

One last sentence:
Out of the box monetization, Net+15, Fixed rates, Adding value to the end user, Google compliant – HomeBase SDK!

Contact me for additional information.

Tamir Fayershtein | Business Development Manager
Skype: Tamir.widdit | [email protected]
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