Appjolt Beta SDK: $0.05 bonus Pay per Install plus Revenue Share

Appjolt Beta is now opening its door for US Android Developers to test their SDK. High converting ad units, 100% fill rate, top performing eCPM, and rewards based engagement that will keep your app users coming back to your app.

When you sign up at Appjolt | Mobile Monetization Network , you will turn your installs into cash! Appjolt is paying bonus of $0.05 per install plus get revenue share.

Only US devs? What about payment terms?

Appjolt Beta test is opened to all developers with US Android apps.

So only US Traffic? With USA only traffic I can get more than 10 cents per user from traditional ad networks, What makes yours so special from the rest? No such thing as US android apps, all apps are global traffic.

I signed up to test you guys Out. I know a good place to get some good USA traffic.

aniwidgets @ gmail . com was my signup email

Hi DroidGenie

I will reach out to you with the email you provided

24 hours later and account still not approved. I am a USA Developer.