Appicano will get you BANNED by Google!

Hi Fellow Developers,

I found this new Ad Network called Appicano! This is the biggest scam in the history of mobile apps.

First you are Mobario, then you transform to Eskimob and now finally Appicano! What’s next?!

We all know how many of us got banned by Google with their magical technology or just didn’t get paid! And if they do pay us, they always cut 50% of the installs that were really made.

So what’s left… When will these guys just give up and crawl back into their hole they came from…

So feel free to try them out, but for the past year, we have only had from these guys accounts being suspended and lots of hard work flushed down the drain.

I would recommend staying with the big companies that have mostly treated us well: AppNext, AirPush, StartApp and some others.

Stay safe and stay away from these scammers, spammers and most of all, liers!

I found this to be the Founder & CEO of Mobario. Guess what (?!), he also registered Appicano!!!

2014-05-24 20.52.55.jpg 2014-05-24 20.57.37.jpg

Thankfully he left us his phone number so we can personally call him and tell him now how much we appreciate that he got our apps and accounts BANNED!!!

As he is from isreal he wont even understand what you tell him I guess :slight_smile:

By the way there are a lot of services currently arround which advertise with “increased user engagement” through various things … maybe it’s a new sort of scam, don’t know

Hi Guys,
I usually don’t get into arguments with developers, i believe anyone has a right to his own opinion and the right to publish it.
But in this case i must reply because I’m dealing with a competitor who uses lies and unethical tactics to harm competitors.

I can answer every one of his claims but ill start by showing you who we are dealing with.
CPI MF1.jpg
as you can see this guy is a competitor, (even if he tries to hide it by naming other companies you should work with)
he joined this forum very recently and most of what he has done is badmouth Appicano:
CPI MF2.jpg

Please beware of Users and threads only designed to badmouth competitors.
if anyone has a legitimate problem i encourage you to contact me directly and i will do my best to assist

and as for you dear “CPI Campaigns” i wish you nothing but the best and hope you will mend your dishonest and hateful ways in the future (hate is bad for your health)


Would love to know if there are any brave soles using Appicano or Mobario or any other fake name they call themselves?!

You would have to be stupid and not brave to use any of Mobario’s solutions or their child company’s solutions given their track record.