AppGrade - up to $0.09 per install (Google Compliant)

Hello All,

We got many requests from developers to extend the upgraded rates (up to $0.09) promotion in couple of days… you said, we did :slight_smile:

We developed ad-units, including industry standard such as Interstitial ads and as well our proprietary ones.
We’re looking for beta testers towards our soft launch…
Payment: US installs = $0.05; non US installs = $0.01 + $50 fast acting bonus for developers who start sending traffic in the next 12H.
developers who will drive minimum of 10,000 installs until 01.10.13 (was 29.09 - Sunday) will get increased rates of: $0.09 for all US installs and $0.02 for all non US installs.
You can open an account here:
AppGrade.comfor more details you can contact me @ [email protected]

Update 28.09.13
Promotion new deadline: 03.10.13
Minimum install needed: 5,000

Only have Interstitial Ads and Smart Bar??
I dont find any type pay per install??

It is a special offer for us beta testers…today i have received another payment, they pay really quickly, usually weekly…just ask to support and they pay.

We do pay per install as described above.
if you need any assistance you can Skype me ID: rotemamar1

I want to be beta tester and I can’t add app to your panel. There is no option or button in chrome/opera for “Ad units”.

Our dev team aware of this bug it will be fixed soon. but you can overcome it by adding your app and then see them by going to: application > all applications link at the left side bar.
if you have any trouble please contact me via Skype ID: rotemamar1

I recently made account at first there was an error in my accound I call the support they quickly fix my problem in a flash.and I also liked their ad model.they really pay more than other networks and their support team is faster than I expect,I send nearly 12 mails they were replied. after 3 minutes delay only.their payout is weekly which is very good

AppGrade dashboard is loading pages incredibly slow for me. Good to see that the navigation issues have been fixed, though!

I just integrated your SDK. I like how easy it is for a user to hide the widget if it’s in the way of something, way better than Mobario.

However, is there really any necessity to show an EULA and then immediately try to get users to install the Utilities plugin? Keep in mind that when users install a new app, they want to try THAT app, and not get derailed into installing a smartbar. I would recommend just showing the first EULA for the basic toolbar, and leave the upgrade pop-up for later on, when the user starts experimenting around with the smart-bar and tries to use a feature that requires the plugin. Or, you could just include all the features into the integration SDK, and save users the hassle and confusion.

I’d also like to ask how does a user remove the smart-bar permanently, if they don’t want it. I know it can be dragged to the “Hide” button but then it just goes into the notification bar, and can’t be cleared from there until the smart-bar is shown again. Since I don’t want users uninstalling my app just because they don’t want the bar, how does a user remove it permanently?

The user can uninstall the Smart-Bar without uninstall the app by going to settings > uninstall > No
this will permanently uninstall the Smart-Bar.

The user can uninstall the Smart-Bar without uninstall the app by going to settings > uninstall > No
this will permanently uninstall the Smart-Bar.

Pressing Decline when the EULA shows up does not close the EULA activity (the buttons get grayed out, though). Bug?

i saw it doesn’t close immediately

It take 3-4 sec to the EULA to close… not a bug but we’ve change it in the new SDK version.

I only want to show smart bar with code: BundlerEULA.launchSDK( this );
i dont want to show interestial ad with code: BundlerAds.launchAds( this );
is it still get revenue?

too long to close :frowning:

We are fixing it right now.
next version is on the way.

A website like a stone, no calculated revenue(I don’t know why). I’ll update my apps according to revenue. But no reply on skype.

  • Still no reply on skype. He want my paypal address but I don’t know how much I earned. The beta test was stop. I sent about 20k+ install, 120k+ impression, too much click.

What a interesting company(?). They did waste of my time and my money.

kick them :smiley: