None of the sign up button on the appflood website is working for me. How did your guys sign up?

That’s a huge red flag that you shouldn’t sign. If they can’t even manage the call for action buttons I don’t think they can manage the network or payments or anything. I would not trust an ad network with a broken website because it’s a high priority issue that they’re ignoring,how do I know? Because I told them. I complained to their on Twitter about this exact thing before

The sign up process is completely dead. On the combox box where it asks you to select a country; there is no country to select from.

I don’t use appflood but I did happen to have an account, and I recall getting this email:

Due to change of business strategy. We wish to notify you that on Thursday, May 21 23:59 (GMT +8) AppFlood SDK will stop working and it won’t be possible to sign in or register to All other Appflood services will still working normally.

I think that they are closed… They don’t pay any money

Avoid appflood as there are plenty of ad networks out there.

The only reason I was looking into appflood is that it works well in China. Now it looks like is dead. Any other alternatives?

How do you publish apps in China?

Two ways.

  1. The usual way. Publish the app in Chinese markets. You need to find a Chinese partner to do this as all app published this way requires a Chinese identity and in case of a pay app, only publishers with Chinese identity (e.g. corporate registration) can be paid.
  2. Word of mouth. You release your apk to your Chinese friends and they in turn send the apk to their friends. Surprisingly, this can work very well if you have an app they really need. You can do this through Chinese social media.

Does it worth the effort to publish in China? Could you gives more insight on China market, in terms of downloads, revenue?

Yes. Developers in the west have under estimate the purchasing power of China’s mobile users. In the WeChat vs Whatsapp case. Whatsapp gets about $0.99 per user per year, WeChat gets $7 per user per year (who’s making more per user). Chinese users will only pay for something if they really need it. So to be successful in China, you should only publish apps that users in China really need along with a model of try-then-pay.