AppFlood which to choose?

Well as reported here - for new ads etc. your existing user base (which has gotten bored of your usual ads) may find the new ads (or even the ad format) interesting enough to click.

Maybe this is what is happening here.

For this reason perhaps a bunch of different appwalls may still retain novelty longer.

I see your point. However, in this case I don’t think that’s the matter. Last day I had over 50% new users.

I also checked detailed stats for app and it seems there are no good offers like before - a few days ago there were many offers for more than $1.00 for install.

Forgot to say - there’s grow in daily installs from appwalls either.


I integrated 3 apps with appflood, and now just using it for 2 apps.
I only get revenue for 1 app that get 200 install a day and only use smartwall ads for this application. (publish this app on july)
Another app get very less download and i applied the same method (more game button) no install yet :frowning:
You can see the fill rate for other app is nearly to 100% and today i republish my app and use fullscreen ads and shown when user exit app. Hope it will give me more revenue.

Ok, I do not understand this numbers! How you can have 100 impressions and 200 clicks with CTR over 100% and fill rate of 5%?

Most of my money is now in Pending balance, anyone facing similar situation? On another note I just received payment from them, took about a week from my request so that’s great.


i did what i told you in an earlier post, i implemented mobilecore and when the user download a game he get free coins, the result was the highest ecpm in the industry lol

How much exactly is “highest”? I’m making a new game and I’m thinking about coin system either.

i attached an image in that post, maybe its not visible, check it here

Wow, that’s great. If eCPM will be as high as currently, when you will get more users… : ) I’ll try it, definitely (if I’ll find some network that supports Unity).
Can you tell us how many active users and downloads per day do you have?

i published the app two days ago and as you probably know, in first days you dont get much downloads so in two days i got 79 active users from 133 installs

$3 per 130 downloads is too good value to be true… Man, I would be a millionare in a few days if I had this type of ads in my game : )

i swear its true, that’s what happen when you connect coin to ads, when you award the user when he install a game from the ads with some coins, i will post more stats when i get more impressions

How do you know IF the user has actually installed the app from the AppWall ? So you can reward them - or do you just guess (i.e. if they click the ad and if they come back to the app after some time).

With most AppWalls you cannot know which app was clicked in the AppWall (so you could check later if that app wound up installed on that phone - and thus confirm it was actually downloaded).

And how is this better than just using Tapjoy/GetJar type setup ?


i dont know if the user has actually installed the app (although i found out yesterday that mobilecore have confirmation listener that i can use so the user will not get coins if he skip the interstitial ad) , that user is not a developer, he will not know that he will get coins even if he didn’t install the advertised game please check my app on your device to know exactly what i mean its called 4 pics 1 footballer

and this is better than tapjoy/getjar because from mobilecore i get around 0.50$ from each install which is at least the double of what tapjoy/getjar offers, today adbuddiz contacted me and they say that they pay 1$ average from the install, if thats true then i might implement them also in my app and connect them to coins

i will update my stats with mobilecore here when i get more impressions to prove to you guys that its not a temporary success

latest stats with mobilecore
impressions 1033
clicks 128
ctr 12.39%
ECPM 16.15$
revenue 16.68
these stats are for 569 active users and 1090 total users

Does MobileCore have a in-app SDK - i.e. one which is just for the AppWall, and does not include any push notifications/icon ads etc. ?


EDIT: mobilecore is a new ad network - and they are promoting heavily - so these early eCPMs can be high (as they seek to attract developers). However, it may not be bad to use as an AppWall alternative. Is their SDK easy to implement ?

Dear guys

Thanks for you all talking about appflood, sharing the experience here. Appflood is opening CPC/CPM and negotiating with advertisers, US CPC price at least $0.1. It can enhance much more your traffic use ratio.


their icon ads are not aggressive, your app will show eula EACH TIME there’s an icon available when a user opens your app
no not easy unless you know about listeners, i didnt know how to implement so i sent an email to them and they gave me a sample code, their support is good and i guess their payment term is the best from all (high ecpm) ad networks

After a few more days I have more experience with Appflood.

eCPM is very, very dependable on current advertisers’ offer. To get high eCPM you have to also take care about turning off worse campaigns or increasing frequency of better offers with high eCPM. You can see offer’s details - what country are they focused on, daily limits etc.

By the way, be careful with bank transfers. I transfered $400 with bank transfer and commisions took over $70 (nearly 20%!). If I’m not wrong, you have to pay for all commisions by yourself (transfers are from China). I guess I won’t just transfer such low amounts.

Hey eyadse, we provide non incentivized traffic to our advertisers. So you can’t reward your users for clicking on the AdBuddiz ads.
By integrating AdBuddiz, you should get very high revenues (up to $10 CPM) and, under certain conditions, you can also get some visibility for your game on Giftiz, which features the best games on Google Play